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Thermo Fisher Scientific ‘pushing the boundaries’ of LIBS analysis with new Niton analyser

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc says it is pushing the boundaries of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) with the introduction of small parts capabilities for its Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ Apollo™ Handheld LIBS Analyser.

This highly portable, user-friendly analytical device – based on optical emission spectroscopy – allows customers in locations like oil refineries, stainless steel production sites and mineral exploration projects to measure carbon and steel samples as small as 6 mm in diameter.

Users grading and identifying complex metal alloy structures can now benefit from the innovative optical engine and compact tapered-nose design of the Niton Apollo Handheld LIBS Analyser, the company says, explaining that the unit brings the precision and power of laboratory testing to the field, offering exceptional coverage and cleaner, safer analysis for intricate samples.

The Niton Apollo Handheld LIBS Analyser now features an enhanced laser with a reduced aperture, allowing it to measure previously challenging structures, including 6 mm pipes, 9.5 mm bars and larger weld wires.

The analyser’s fully-sealed Argon environment enables rapid and precise mobile carbon analysis for metals and alloys with accuracy and safety, while continuing to provide excellent identification, an easy-to-use interface, calibration adaptability, drift correction, an ergonomic design and fast results, the company says.