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Volvo CE’s ITU dealer delivers another 21 excavators to PT Bukit Asam

Volvo CE says its dealer in Indonesia, PT Indotruck Utama (ITU), continues to grow its partnership with PT Bukit Asam (PTBA), with ITU set to deliver another large order of 21 excavators to the state-owned company.

The OEM puts this blossoming relationship down to, in part, the quality and durability of the EC480DL and EC210D excavators the company has relied on over the past five years.

PTBA, a state-owned company in the mining, energy and renewables sectors, celebrated the arrival of 21 new machines with a special ceremony this August at its West Banko site in Tanjung Enim District, Muara Enim Regency in South Sumatra.

The order includes 19 crawler excavators (13 EC480DLs and six EC210Ds) plus two wheeled excavators (EW205D). PTBA decided to place the large order after incredibly positive experiences with the seven EC480DLs and one EC210D machine the company acquired from ITU over the past five years. Separately to the agreement for Volvo CE machines, PTBA will also receive 32 FMX440 trucks from Volvo Trucks, which join the 19 FMX400 construction trucks the company already owns.

“In a relatively short time, PTBA has become one of our most important customers,” Novandy Lantang, Volvo CE National Sales Manager at ITU, says. “Since the first order in 2019, the company has never regretted choosing Volvo. The machine quality, and premium aftermarket support have impressed everyone.”

The PTBA order is just the latest in a string of significant deals being sealed by ITU across Indonesia. It follows the delivery of 10 EC480Ds and 12 EC210Ds excavators to a mineral mine project in North Maluku.