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Metso Outotec expands O-Series wear parts offering for crushing equipment

Metso Outotec is expanding its O-Series wear parts offering from working wears to protective wears, with the new offering now commercially available.

“We are excited to announce that through the expansion of the offering, the customer can get a complete set of wear parts in a competitive price range from the O-Series offering,” Olli Heinonen, Director, Mid-Market Crusher Wears, Consumables business area, says. “Our O-Series is a fit for customers who want reliable wear parts that are designed for Metso Outotec crushers, and backed up by OEM warranty, quickly and flexibly.”

Metso Outotec O-Series crusher wears are available for Metso Outotec’s stationary and mobile crushers in mining and aggregates industries. The protective wears will include selection of wears for Nordberg HP Series and GP Series cone crushers and C-Series jaw crushers.

The O-Series wear parts will be featured at the Hillhead Quarry event 21-23 June in the UK.

The O-Series wear parts were originally launched in 2019 and have been sold to hundreds of customers since, the company says.

Alongside this expanded wear parts offering, Metso Outotec is launching Chamber Expert Service, a service that brings the company’s wide selection of crusher wear parts with crushing process-specific application instructions delivered to the customer’s crushing site, at Hillhead this week.

The service uses Metso Outotec’s online wear part product catalogue, and the unique Chamber Pro online simulation tool to select the optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters that match the customer’s production targets and the specific crushing process, it says.

In aggregate processes, the optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters improve process performance and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, yielding an increase in saleable products and a longer wear part life cycle.

Jarkko Leppänen, Vice President, Aggregates Crusher Wears at Metso Outotec, said: “The service has been developed in response to customers’ increasing demand for continuous improvements in process performance. The correct wear part and verified sizing make a clear and sustainable difference for the customer’s crushing process.”

Chamber Expert Service will get the crusher producing for our customers with:

  • Best performing chamber to match customer capacity and quality targets;
  • Ensured optimal chamber geometry and crushing parameters;
  • Improved process performance and lower energy consumption, bringing improved sustainability benefits;
  • Cost efficiency without a major investment in new equipment; and
  •  Verified wear part lifetime.

Metso Outotec renews crusher wear parts commitment with three new product ranges

Metso Outotec says it is introducing its renewed crusher wears solution offering that provides the industry’s widest variety of wear parts and services to enable customers’ sustainable, predictable and profitable crushing.

The portfolio is categorised in three different product ranges – Metso Outotec O-Series, Expert Series and Max Series. The renewed crusher wears and services offering, from seasonal crushing to high-volume, and high-value operations, has been developed in response to customers’ demand for continuous improvements in crushing process performance.

Through the renewed offering, aggregates and mining customers can, together with Metso Outotec experts, easily compare the advantages and select just the right level of parts and services to reach the best crushing economy, it said.

Mika Saariaho, Senior Vice President, Crusher Wears business line, Metso Outotec, said: “Keeping our customers’ crushers running is our core expertise. Whatever is the scale of crushing, customers need crusher wear parts that suit specifically for their demand, they need services to keep their operation running, and they need expertise that helps them to develop the efficiency, profitability and sustainability in crushing. We are now very excited to introduce our renewed crusher wears offering, which will answer to our customers’ unique needs and can improve their crusher economy in a sustainable way.”

The crushing circuit is one of the biggest cost generators in mining and aggregate operations. It is also one of the most critical ones. The selection of the crusher chamber impacts the whole crushing process and its efficiency. Being able to select the optimal chamber requires insight into the process and the customer key performance indicators, Metso Outotec said. Therefore, an integral part of the offering is digital tools that enable the gathering and use of process data, such as  Metso Outotec Metrics and simulation tools.

“We think that the optimal selection of the chamber is the key to a better crusher economy,” Saariaho continued. “It can only be achieved with a deep understanding and expertise of the process, and its requirements to the crusher wear material and technology.”

The O-Series provides affordable standard parts from stock – quickly and flexibly, according to the company. With the right, reliable parts selected through Chamber Selection Service, customers working days are more productive and the operating costs are lower, it said.

The Expert Series provides the broadest range of wear parts in the market with a wide, easy-to-order selection of materials and designs with the Chamber Expert Service enabling more efficient, optimised processes, helping customers get the most value out of their crusher, Metso Outotec said.

With the holistic approach of the Max Series, Metso Outotec can optimise with the Chamber Optimization Service each step of the customer’s process with custom parts to maximise performance, economy and sustainability, it said. The company says it has experience from 700-plus optimisation cases, with Chamber Optimization being part of Metso Outotec’s Planet Positive portfolio.