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MICROMINE’s Pitram solution takes control at Greece mine

MICROMINE says it is making a strong foray into Europe’s mining sector with its Pitram fleet management and mine control solution now operating in Greece.

Already used at more than 50 mining operations across six continents, the installation at the Greece mine is Pitram’s third deployment in the Aegean region, following installations at two production projects in Turkey.

“Greece has a wealth of mineral and ore deposits including gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, nickel and bauxite – and a history of mining that dates back to ancient times,” Pitram Product Strategy Manager, Chris Higgins, said. “Turkey also has abundant source of industrial raw materials, rare earth minerals and precious metals including gold, copper, zinc, chrome, nickel, iron, lead, mercury, tin and magnesium.

“As a result, international operators and miners are developing projects across the Aegean and Pitram is providing the data insights needed to ensure the operations are well controlled.”

More than 10 mining operations in Europe are currently using Pitram to record, manage and process mine data in real time, according to the company. The scalable solution has now been deployed at the three underground gold, copper and zinc mines in Turkey and Greece.

The Greece project is well advanced with Pitram playing a crucial role in a major refurbishment and expansion of existing operations, the company says.

“Comprising 11 modules – including materials management, OLAP analysis, shift planner and fleet management – Pitram is a sophisticated mine control and management reporting application enabling the miners to capture data, make quicker, evidence-based decisions and allocate resources more effectively,” MICROMINE says.

As production ramped up at the Greece underground mine, the operators chose Pitram, according to MICROMINE, because they needed a solution that would enable them to:

  • Improve development and production mining cycles;
  • Accurately track materials from source to processing;
  • Provide OLAP reporting and analysis;
  • Enhance reactions to, and minimise the impact of, unplanned events; and
  • Increase equipment availability and utilisation.

The implementation of Pitram voice and materials management modules ensured these objectives were met by adapting the solution to meet the specific needs of the site, the company said.

Higgins added: “At MICROMINE we committed to working with our mining clients to deliver the tailored software solutions they need to meet local requirements.

“This includes providing our solutions in the languages needed – that’s why Pitram has been translated into Turkish and Greek. So, with the functionality to switch between English and the local language, all staff on-site can use the application.”

Micromine unlocking the value in data through Pitram OLAP tool

Using data-driven insights to improve the decision-making process and unlock value has been one of the biggest trends in the mining industry over the past few years and it will continue to be a strategic priority for mining companies going forward, according to Micromine.

“While data collection on site is important, what happens with that data next can sometimes be a challenge,” Micromine says.

Many tools exist to help management with analysis, modelling and reporting in order to realise value in their data, with Micromine’s Pitram OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tool an example.

“Pitram’s OLAP Analysis module provides users with the necessary tools to perform multidimensional analysis of operational mining data. OLAP is a powerful technology used across various industries for data discovery, reporting, complex analytics and predictive forecastin,” Micromine says.

“With mining companies required to manage large and very complex data sets, this type of technology can provide enormous value to a mining operation.”

OLAP technology has been integrated into the Pitram solution to assist mines in understanding key data and improving business intelligence, according to the company, with multidimensional analysis, complex calculations, trend analyses, and sophisticated data modelling able to be applied through the Analysis module.

Pitram Product Strategy Manager Gareth Dean said the Pitram OLAP module can assist mine managers, engineers, geologists and analysts to perform data analysis, while providing them with the insight and understanding they need for better decision making.

The benefits of the OLAP Analysis module for Pitram users are significant, according to Micromine.

Multidimensional analysis, trustworthy data and calculations, self-service reporting and the ability to manipulate data to identify areas of improvement are just some of the features.

Dean said: “Having a fully dedicated and integrated OLAP Analysis module within Pitram makes it easy for users to access their key mining data relating to equipment, minesite personnel and materials.

“Users of the Pitram OLAP Analysis module can leverage the large amounts of data collected on site to improve key focus areas such as production, safety and mine planning.”

The OLAP module can also aggregate data from third party sources such as Microsoft Excel and OEM systems.

Micromine’s Pitram fleet management and mine control solution has been implemented at more underground sites than any competitor product and is increasingly popular with sites using automated practices, according to Micromine.