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Mine excavators gain control with FMS and on-board weighing abilities

A combination of a fleet management system (FMS) and hydraulic on-board weighing technology is set to transform mine excavators into a control centre for increased productivity, according to Position Partners.

The Australia-based positioning technology provider has announced a new solution for excavators working on mine sites, which combines the iVolve FMS (pictured) with RDS hydraulic excavator scales. This enables accurate weighing of material onto trucks, according to the company.

“For haul trucks already fitted with truck scales, the system acts as a tool to validate and compare truck tonnage. If trucks do not have on-board weighing technology, the excavator is able to store and transmit loading information to the truck, allowing mine managers to consistently and reliably track material movement across the site,” Position Partners says.

Andrew Granger, National Manager for Mining at Position Partners, said the combination of iVolve FMS and RDS excavator scales offers mine managers an “exciting productivity tool that maximises an excavator’s capacity by making it the centre of loading operations”.

“In consultation with our customers, we identified a need for this solution in the mining industry,” he added. “Having supported a similar solution in construction for some time, we were able to work with our suppliers to create a tailored system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Australian mine sites.”

The iVolve fleet management system focuses on operational efficiency improvements directly related to production, maintenance, guidance and safety. This enables customers to increase productivity, cut costs and minimise risk.

The RDS hydraulic excavator scales, meanwhile, give operators accurate bucket weight information at their fingertips, increasing productivity and reducing machine wear.