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Xylem continues sustainable water technologies investment with new R&D hub

Xylem, a leading global water technology company, has launched a new multi-disciplinary centre for water, wastewater and energy technologies at the company’s regional headquarters in Singapore.

The expanded headquarters brings the company’s regional R&D capability into a new Xylem Technology Hub Singapore (XTHS), alongside its regional leadership and personnel, the company said.

It explained: “The XTHS represents Xylem’s continued investment in sustainable water technologies, and research at the new centre will focus on developing breakthrough technologies in water distribution and water and wastewater treatment.”

Xylem is well known in the mining industry for its own and other brand series of mine dewatering and slurry pumps and accessories.

One of the first projects Xylem is pursuing at the centre is a collaboration with A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC). Xylem will combine its leading expertise in water technologies with IHPC’s expertise in computer modelling and simulations. Together, they will evaluate fluid-structure interaction in pipe flow to develop a new computational fluid dynamics model tailored for Xylem’s applications such as SmartBall and PipeDiver, it said. The model will then be applied to the design and testing of other advanced products and solutions to be deployed in treatment plants and water distribution networks.

Patrick Decker, President and CEO of Xylem, said: “This new multi-disciplinary centre will create ample opportunities to innovate and collaborate with our customers, as we work with them to tackle the region’s greatest water challenges, including water scarcity, affordability and infrastructure resilience.

“Bringing research and development capability into our regional headquarters in Singapore puts all of Xylem’s market-leading technology capability in one location, focused on the region’s water technology and infrastructure solutions.”

In addition to the research and development hub, Xylem’s new office will feature a customer experience centre and training centre, bringing together all of Xylem’s sales, customer support and technical capabilities for Southeast Asia, it said.

Work at the centre will also be supported by Xylem’s ongoing partnership with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, to address challenges brought about by climate change and increasing water demand. Xylem continues to work with PUB on the development and implementation of technologies in common areas of interest, such as high-precision leak detection and condition assessment technologies, and using data analytics to pinpoint water loss.