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Blickfeld to expand LiDAR sensing tech roots into North America

Blickfeld, the Germany-based LiDAR sensor technology company, is set to expand its operations into the US, opening a new office in the Detroit area to act as its strategic North American location.

Heading up the US division will be the company’s new hire, Patrick L Pylypuik, who has been recruited as Head of Sales in the North America region. With over 20 years experience, Pylypuik will support company growth by building critical relationships with new and existing customers and partners in the US.

A core focus for the company’s expansion will be its software capabilities in the volume measurement and logistics, crowd analytics and security space. Blickfeld says its LiDAR is disrupting various industries by providing digital 3D data about environments – helping to offset significant inaccuracies and financial burdens.

“From agriculture and forestry to construction and mining, there are opportunities for entire operations in the US to profit from more accurate and efficient business planning and operation – cutting costs and increasing companies’ competitive advantage,” the company said.

In mining, the company’s Percept software is able to translate raw LiDAR data into actionable insights, and includes features such as the detection, tracking, classification, counting, and volume estimation of objects, as well as zone entry and exit detection. It was recently updated to include a volume measurement feature for potential applications like stockpile management.

Dr Florian Petit, co-founder of Blickfeld, said: “Expanding our presence in the US provides us with a whole new set of opportunities, from an operational and partner perspective. We look forward to expanding our industry capabilities and helping companies across many different industries to optimise their operation. ”

Pylypuik added: “It’s been a pleasure to join Blickfeld at this point of fast growth – the North America region provides us with many new partner opportunities and nurturing these new relationships will be critical for Blickfeld’s international presence. I am particularly excited about the challenge of bringing a new technology to market – one which can benefit many industries.”