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GEOVIA MineSched 2020 receives the 3DEXPERIENCE

The new GEOVIA MineSched 2020 comes with the ability to publish results to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with MineSched POWER’BY, and allows users to update the starting point of all development and production activities for underground workflows and more, according to GEOVIA.

The results of a MineSched schedule can be uploaded to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to analyse and share schedule data, the company, owned by Dassault Systèmes, said.

“With report authoring and analytics, users can gain insights and knowledge about the tactical schedule,” GEOVIA said. “More importantly, with dash-boarding and collaboration, you can share those insights and knowledge with other stakeholders.”

Users can quickly and easily update the starting position of the schedule based on survey results and development reports with the new Development Progress Tracking tab, as well.

Mining Locations, created as part of the Surpac Stope Shape Optimizer (SSO), can now be directly imported into MineSched via the SDM Model process. To enable this workflow, a new Locations type option has been added to the Location Grouping workflow, and the option to select Stopes is available.

In addition a schedule can be quickly and easily updated based on survey results and production reports with the new Production Progress Tracking.

Additional enhancements or defect fixes that improve work performance include changes to Location names in Spreadsheet View; changes to Material Movement rules while performing stockpile blending calculations; performance improvements while using the Evaluate Headings process; and replacement of the Spreadsheet tools with a more modern solution.