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Newmont Goldcorp sees value in expanding process control support hub

Newmont Goldcorp says it plans on expanding its Process Control Operations Support Hub globally following a successful pilot project launched in Australia, in 2018.

The company will start the expansion in Ghana, where its Ahafo, Akyem and Subika mines reside, but expects full implementation in 2020, it said.

The Process Control Operations Support Hub pilot project was launched in 2018 with a mandate to streamline process control systems, procedures and monitoring tools, the company said.

“Thanks to the teamwork and collaboration of our Boddington team, the pilot project was a great success, demonstrating the need for process control support and the value of the project’s innovations,” the company explained. “We learned that the operational support hub model accelerates the advanced process control value at our sites and allows for knowledge and expertise to be targeted in a cost-efficient way.”

The company also found that the demand for operations support hubs was higher than expected, and that introducing this support model would help drive improvement at its sites.

In line with the company’s Full Potential program’s mandate to identify opportunities for efficiency and innovation across our business, the support hub has added $2.8 million in what the company calls “Full Potential value” to date, Newmont Goldcorp said.