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ABB ramps up remote services to counter COVID-19 crisis

ABB says it is accelerating the roll out of and access to remote service tools and digital solutions across critical industries as it looks to equip customers with the means to continue operating in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is working with customers to ensure the access to field operators and service engineers who cannot be on-site at this time by delivering control room livestreams, operational insights, process data and plant key performance indicators to users at home.

To ensure continuous operations, customers can access ABB remote-enabled solutions, including remote condition monitoring of critical assets; augmented reality maintenance support; online tools for training and spare parts stocking; and self-diagnoses that mitigate risk to assets, processes and security.

Many of these services are delivered to customers through ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations, a suite of digitally enabled solutions and services, and its network of Collaborative Operations centres located around the globe. ABB has Collaborative Operations centres dedicated to the mining industry to connect mine and mill operators and engineers with ABB applications and experts in mining processes, automation and electrification.

“With 24/7 access, ABB domain experts and data scientists use digital technologies to help customers monitor assets, processes and risks; jointly derive insights from data; suggest mitigating actions; and provide critical remote assistance to help customers to keep production running,” it said.

Peter Terwiesch, President Industrial Automation, ABB, said the COVID-19 outbreak was leading to governments and companies having to make difficult choices, balancing people’s safety with economic livelihood.

“ABB is committed to supporting both: protect people, while helping businesses to stay operational during these challenging times,” he said. “Remote services and digital solutions can make a major contribution to keep people safe, production running, and critical supply chains and economic livelihood preserved.”

He continued: “We are committed to support our customers to run their operations safely, to keep the lights on, keep people connected, and help us all to weather this storm, together.”