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Bridgestone launches new rigid dump truck tyre and real-time monitoring system

Bridgestone has launched a new rigid dump truck tyre along with a real-time tyre monitoring system at the AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

Its 3-star rigid dump truck tyre is an expansion of its 24.00R35 product portfolio, a line-up specially developed for mid-sized rigid dump trucks to carry hefty loads on flat terrain, often at quarries and mines.

The new tyre delivers 8% greater payload capacity along with a deeper tread depth to provide excellent tyre wear and improved traction, the company said. Additionally, the tyre provides a high resistance to cuts and heat as trucks transfer larger hauls between long distances at high speeds.

Rob Seibert, President, Off-The-Road Tires, Bridgestone Americas, said: “As demand continues to strengthen in the construction and quarry segments, we remain dedicated to helping maximise productivity for our customers by pairing intelligent products with best-in-class services and integrated technology solutions. We are meeting growing industry demand with a superior product that features new technology and enhanced performance to optimise productivity.”

Bridgestone is scheduled to begin production on the new 24.00R35 rigid dump truck tyre with an all-new traction pattern in late 2022, followed by a new hard-rock pattern.

The company’s real-time tyre monitoring system, IntelliTire, is now being offered for 49 in or smaller applications. The system uses stem-mounted flow-through external sensors, in addition to internal sensors, to provide critical real-time data such as tyre inflation pressure and temperature to continually monitor the health of each tyre throughout its lifecycle. Transmitting sensor details through a cloud-based system, IntelliTire uses advanced and predictive algorithms to analyse data and issue alerts and customised reports to fleet operators.

With its robust smart fleet management technology, IntelliTire allows operators to proactively address tyre issues with automated task lists, increase technician productivity with digital inspections and reporting, and mitigate unplanned maintenance to help reduce downtime and improve driver safety.