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Navtech Radar confronts mining’s dust problem with two new sensor-based solutions

Navtech Radar has used the backdrop of the WA Mining Conference and Exhibition in Perth, Western Australia, this week to launch two new innovations in its industrial automation product range: a compact imaging sensor and anti-collision solution, suited for a mining environment.

Both the RAS (Robust Automation Sensor), a range of sensors specifically designed for harsh environments, and SafeGuard, the company’s brand-new, standalone, anti-collision system, are designed to work in any conditions where visibility is compromised, the company says.

Navtech Radar says it has been at the forefront of radar innovation for the last 25 years, delivering world-leading solutions in highways safety, critical national infrastructure, security and industrial automation. Its solutions provide very high resolution at ranges of up to 600 m, and are rugged enough to function in the toughest environments.

Sam Wood, spokesperson for Navtech Radar, said: “We are delighted to be showcasing our latest innovation at WA Mining. Both RAS and SafeGuard are the result of accumulated expertise in designing, building and deploying world-class, 360° imaging sensors, optimised for use in the toughest environments, especially for the mining industry. These innovative, smart-sensing systems have been engineered to address a specific gap in the sensor technology market. Where dust, snow, fog, or steam, for example, present challenges that cause traditional sensors to fail; radar’s robust, penetrating performance is unimpaired.”

Navtech Radar’s sensors are installed on existing mining machines and autonomous trucks and can be used for navigation, anti-collision, obstacle detection, stockpile measurement, situational awareness, autonomous vehicles and much more, the company says.

Wood added: “Crucially, given that dust is an inherent challenge in the mining sector, and can have an impact on productivity, safety and worker health, our radars are designed for mining-specific environments and built to operate in the harshest conditions, requiring no maintenance or cleaning.”