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IDS GeoRadar widens rockfall radar support with latest RockSpot update

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, has announced a new software update for RockSpot, its innovative radar system able to locate, track and notify on rockfalls.

RockSpot’s latest software release expands the data analysis performance with new tools supporting an efficient rockfall risk zonation, TARP fine tuning and back analysis to reduce operational and geotechnical risks, according to the company. The new multiple statistical tools allow users to manipulate the events database and plot custom charts based on defined areas and items – such as event rate, duration/area extension, velocity and run out distance of rockfall – for a comprehensive back analysis, models calibration, integrity of rockfall controls and design change justification.

Rockfalls are a major safety threat in open-pit operations. The sudden onset of rockfall events makes it difficult for conventional monitoring methods to provide adequate pre-warning and a comprehensive analysis, resulting in a challenge for mine operators and planners.

RockSpot is, according to IDS, the industry’s first end-to-end solution able to trigger notifications on rockfalls in real time and to maximise rockfall hazard management, providing an explorable rockfall database for back analysis and an automatic classification of falling events.

This compact and powerful radar picks up falling rocks in near to real time and working crews receive prompt notification for action along with immediate access to all event’s details that are tracked, stored and classified in a rockfall events database.

IDS concluded: “RockSpot provides 24/7 continuous monitoring night and day to actively support in sync risk management with real-time notifications and improves risk mitigation and planning operations with multiple statistical tools to analyse the collected data for cost reductions in mitigation measures.”

Hexagon to fill the rockfall monitoring void with IDS GeoRadar RockSpot

Hexagon AB has announced the launch of IDS GeoRadar RockSpot, a radar system that fills a gap in the monitoring of natural and engineered slopes.

The system detects, tracks, and analyses the slightest movements from rockfalls, avalanches, and other fast-moving landslide debris flow, according to the company.

“RockSpot creates real-time alerts that can be connected to on-site alarms (eg sirens, automatic road closures or other alert devices). Georeferenced, recorded event data provides advanced statistics and analytics for risk assessment and vulnerability zone mapping, the company said.

Ola Rollén, Hexagon President and CEO, said Hexagon is committed to empowering customers to put data to work and, in the case of RockSpot, “they’re able to leverage data to protect workers and the general public in high-risk areas of potentially catastrophic events”.

He added: “This intelligent safety solution, designed to withstand all weather conditions, continuously monitors day and night.”

RockSpot can identify rockfalls up to 2 km from the slope, as well as avalanches and other fast-moving events, like mudflow and debris flow, up to 4 km from the slope.

With a coverage field of 40° vertical and 80°horizontal, the system can consistently monitor an entire mine wall or natural slope at high resolution with a single radar unit, according to the company.

Hexagon said: “RockSpot’s alerts can be customised sector by sector using advanced algorithms that distinguish rock movements from other moving objects, such as haul trucks, animals and people.”