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Enerpac ready to do the heavy lifting at Bauma 2022 in Munich

Enerpac, a leader in high pressure hydraulic tool, controlled force products, portable machining, on-site services and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads, plans to use the upcoming Bauma 2022 fair in Munich, Germany, to showcase not only its construction-focused offering, but solutions for handling and maintaining mining equipment.

The centrepiece of the Enerpac stand at Bauma 2022 from October 24-30 will be the new SBL600 telescopic hydraulic gantry, along with the company’s entry-level gantry system for handling mining equipment – the ML40 Mini Lift Gantry. The new E-mover battery-powered load skate will also be demonstrated together with the SCJ-Series 50T Cube Jacks-Ups. The stand will also feature the Enerpac Power Riser for safe and mobile load lifting of mining vehicles.

Demonstrating the benefits of synchronised heavy lifting is the theme of the Enerpac booth. In addition to the hydraulic gantries and cube jacks, the booth will feature a JS-250 Jack-Up, and multi-point lifting EVO system used to maintain mining shovels.

SBL600 Hydraulic Gantry

The SBL600 Super Boom Lift hydraulic gantry is a three-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder with rectangular boom for increased capacity and first stage lifting capacity of 674 tons (611 t) and 416 tons at the third stage. The SBL600 fits in nicely between the SBL600 and SBL900 gantries, offering a lifting height of 10.6 m, compared with 8.6 m and 11.3 m, respectively.

Jeremy Stubbs, Commercial Director, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology, said: “Ease of transportation is another key benefit of the new gantry. A foldable boom allows for shipping on standard flatbed trucks without special permitting and routing. In addition, with the self-weight less than 9,100kg, the SBL600 allows for transport of two legs on a single road truck trailer.”

Enerpac Power Riser Lifting Jack

The Enerpac Power Riser Lifting Jack is a self-locking jack that performs automatic locking during lifting, lowering and holding. Available with 54 ton, 90 ton, 136 ton and 181 ton capacities with either pneumatic or electric pumps, the Power Riser Litfer is supplied with 3.5 m pendant cord for air-driven units with pneumatic valves and 6 m pendant cord for electric-driven units, keeping operators away from the load. It is a readily-portable unit with 102 mm ground clearance for transport over rough terrain. A three-position handle, meanwhile, provides easy tilt back and transport, the company says.

Synchronised lifting

Accurate synchronised heavy lifting is the hallmark of Enerpac heavy lifting systems, which is exemplified by the SCJ-Series Cube Jacks and Enerpac’s larger JS-Series Jack-Up.

The Enerpac Cube Jack has set the standard for ease-of-use and productivity for compact, portable lifting solutions, according to the company. It uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks – together with automatic incremental locking – to provide high-capacity and stabilised lifting. It is a safer, controlled, more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to climbing jacks with tropical hardwood cribbing, Enerpac says.

Enerpac JS-Series Jack-Up systems

The Enerpac JS-Series Jack-Up Systems have transformed the way many heavy-lift projects are executed, Enerpac says.

The Jack-Up is a synchronised lifting and lowering system with self-contained hydraulics in each unit for uncluttered work areas. Loads are lifted in increments as steel boxes, called “barrels”, are stacked together to form lifting towers to mechanically hold the load. The JS-250 Jack-Up system uses computer controls for seamless synchronous control, raising and lowering all towers at the same time. Capacities of the JS-Series Jack-up range from the JS-125’s 125 ton (500-ton lift with four towers) capacity to the JS-750, 750 ton (3,000-ton lift with four towers) capacity, with each solution offering lifting heights from 6 m to 20 m, respectively.

Smooth mover – Trolley System and Jack-Up combination

Electric trolleys like the Enerpac ETR provide distinct advantages over traditional methods of transport, such as skidding systems, Enerpac states. When it comes to speed, the ETR can travel as fast as 50 m/h when loaded. To help tackle large structures, the ETR has a capacity of 500 kN/50 t per trolley. They also offer continuous movement and power via wireless radio control and a self-contained electric drive unit. When used in combination with the SCJ-Series Cube Jack and JS-Series Jack-Up, they provide greater flexibility for moving heavy loads, Enerpac says.

E-mover load skate

The new Enerpac EMV-Series E-mover battery-powered load skate is a self-propelled skate featuring a central load bearing plate. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Enerpac MLS-Series wheeled load skates. The E-mover on show at Bauma 2022 will include a hydraulic lifting cylinder in place of a load bearing plate and has a 50-t load capacity split between the E-mover and wheeled load skate. The self-propelled skate and lifting cylinder are operated by a wireless remote control, while battery life for the E-mover is expected to be between 3-5 hours dependent on usage.

Heavier lifts with Strand Jacks and EVO Synchronised Lifting

Enerpac strand jacks pack tremendous lifting capacity into a small footprint, acting like a linear winch. This sees a bundle of steel cables or strands guided through a hydraulic cylinder; above and below the cylinder are anchor systems with wedges that grip the strand bundle. By stroking the cylinder in and out while the grips are engaged in the anchors, a lifting or lowering movement is achieved, the company explains. The motion of the cylinders is driven by hydraulic power packs, with the Enerpac SCC software program synchronising the motion of the strand jacks and adjusting the motion to the loads per lifting point.

An Enerpac EVO multipoint synchronised lifting system is used to simultaneously control up to 12 cylinders, creating a highly accurate and synchronised lift. Operated using a PLC, hydraulic cylinders connected to an EVO Synchronous Lifting Pump enabling each lifting point to be monitored and controlled by a single operator. The EVO pump maintains accurate positional control within 1 mm between lagging and leading cylinders and includes built-in warning and stop alarms for optimum safety.

Enerpac’s EVO synchronous lifting system recently came to the rescue of WesTrac in Western Australia, with the Caterpillar dealer in need of an efficient, portable and safe solution to lift its Cat® 994K wheel loader.