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Worldsensing introduces Early Warning System for real-time ground movement detection

Worldsensing has teamed up with Sensemetrics, the IoT data visualisation platform, to launch the Early Warning System, an end-to-end solution designed to detect ground movements in real time and automatically trigger preventive actions.

This new offering is an easy-to-deploy, plug-and-play system, featuring wireless sensors and seamless data visualisation software that minimises IT resources and expertise, the companies say.

Worldsensing says it provides the Event Detection Tiltmeter solution, a robust device with edge-processing capabilities, delivering threshold-based alerts in a few seconds. This sensor is capable of transmitting data via long-range radio to a gateway connected to the internet up to 15 km away.

The sensors seamlessly integrate with Worldsensing’s CMT and Sensemetrics platforms using MQTT protocols. Alert notifications are sent with a minimum two-second latency, enabling engineers to activate cameras, sirens, or other alert control systems with precision.

The system is complemented with a ThreadX3, enabling the connection of data-intensive sensors like cameras, weather stations, sirens, etc that enhances overall system robustness and supports actions and response plans. This autonomous sensor connectivity device comes with an optional integrated 4G/LTE cellular modem and wireless mesh networking.

Worldsensing said: “Worldsensing’s Early Warning System empowers our clients to proactively manage risks, respond in real time, and develop data-driven strategies to safeguard infrastructure, protect the environment and ensure the well-being of local communities.”