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Commit Works looks to streamline cross-department comms, collaboration with CiteOps 25.0

Commit Works has unveiled CiteOps 25.0, a pivotal advancement in cloud-driven operations planning & execution software tailored for the mining industry, the company says.

CiteOps 25.0 redefines both front-end and back-end application services, according to the company, ushering in a new era of operational efficiency and collaboration.

Shaun MacRae – Head of Product, says: “CiteOps 25.0 represents a significant step forward in meeting the evolving needs of the mining sector. Our platform’s seamless scaling empowers mining operations of all sizes, facilitating improved collaboration and optimised processes.”

With a fully containerised product operating seamlessly across Windows and Unix server operating systems, CiteOps 25.0 now offers cloud-native application hosting services. MacRae says this new infrastructure empowers its clients to harness the benefits of cloud computing and Industry 4.0 practices, “enabling operational excellence at an unprecedented scale”.

He said: “The addition of enhanced shadow tasks further solidifies CiteOps 25.0’s transformative impact. We’re excited to introduce features that will streamline communication and collaboration across operational teams and departments.”

With this release, Commit Works says it reaffirms its position as a leader in cloud-enabled mining operations software.

Commit Works launches My Shift Resourcing for CiteOps software

Commit Works, a software provider of integrated work management solutions, has launched My Shift Resourcing, a new feature of CiteOps specifically designed to cater to the needs of shift supervisors responsible for executing operational shift plans, it says.

Building upon the existing weekly and 24 hour plans in CiteOps, My Shift Resourcing provides shift leadership with an easy way to allocate planned tasks to locations, equipment and personnel, according to the company. The web-based shift-lineout tool supports drag-and-drop task assignments, providing real-time feedback on the expected use of locations, equipment and personnel.

Shaun MacRae, Head of Product, says: “My Shift Resourcing is a game-changer for shift supervisors. The feature is designed to streamline the process of managing and executing shift plans, providing real-time feedback on resource utilisation. This simplifies shift planning and optimises operations by ensuring that work is assigned to the appropriate resources when needed.”

My Shift Resourcing is fully supported by CiteOps’ powerful personnel rostering capabilities, as well as the recently released skills and qualifications management capabilities, Commit Works says. This ensures the right resources are allocated to the right work at the right time. All work assignments appear automatically on custom or out-of-the-box shift plan printouts, as well as on mobile tablet and phone interfaces for digital field operations.

My Shift Resourcing has undergone on-site testing and development to deliver a measurable impact on operations, the company explained. It simplifies the detailed shift planning process and boosts overall operational efficiency by streamlining workflows, Commit Works added.