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Telestack to increase material unloading, stockpiling efficiency with Titan Side Tipping Truck Unloader

Following the rollout of its series of Truck Unloaders (Olympian® Drive Over, Titan® Rear Tip and Titan Dual Entry Truck Unloader), Telestack has added a Side Tipping Truck Unloader to its Titan range.

The latest Telestack Truck Unloader is based on decades of proven design and enables clients such as mine operators or contractors to efficiently unload and stockpile material from Side Tipper road trains, according to the company.

Based on a modular plug-and-play model, the complete system is set up with all equipment supplied by Telestack, offering a complete integrated modular package for unloading and stacking or ship loading a range of bulk materials, it says.

The Side Tipper enables the trucks to “tip and go” based on the holding capacity of the hopper, while the heavy-duty apron belt feeder provides robustness of an apron feeder along with the sealing qualities of a belt feeder. Titan Bulk Reception Feeders, meanwhile, incorporate a heavy-duty apron chain belt feeder to ensures the surge of material discharging from the truck can be transferred in a regulated and controlled manner. Steep hopper sides along with wear resistant liners enable a controlled material flow for even the stickiest of materials, and surges of material are handled by high torque planetary gearboxes. All units are equipped with variable speed drives to allow the operator to adjust the speed depending on the material characteristics, Telestack added.

Once a regulated feed is discharged from the Side Tipper, material can be transferred at 90° to a TS 52 Radial Telescopic Stacker. The complete system is integrated and the Telestack stacker can be set up to either manually or automatically stack the material. For example, the TS 52 Radial Telescopic Conveyor has a discharge height of 17.5 m, combined with a stockpiling capacity of more than 67,000 t at 180° (aggregates at 1.6 t/cu.m at 37° angle of repose). Using the telescopic feature of the radial telescopic stacker, the user is able to stockpile up to 30% more than when using the more traditional fixed boom radial stacking conveyor in the same footprint, according to the company.

Telestack International Sales Manager, Philip Waddell, explains: “Telestack are the only supplier to our knowledge that can offer a complete and single-source modular solution to the marketplace of this nature and we pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers. When we began our exploratory discussions with our dealer in Australia, it didn’t take long to recognise the potential for this product. We are fortunate to partner with a dealer like OPS as they are close to the ground and they understand the needs of their customers. Our success is in adaptability and flexibility and the multi-purpose use of this product demonstrates the benefits in investing in such a unit.”

Conventional deep pit or underground truck tipping hoppers require expensive civil works to install and cannot be moved or relocated as a plant expands, according to Telestack. A surface feeder provides a semi-permanent solution that has the added advantage of being fixed during operation, but also has the ability to be relocated at a later date.

Other examples of side tip unloaders require a deep wall/high bench setup, which requires expensive and time-consuming civils to be implemented. All costs are eliminated when using a Telestack Side Tip Unloader, the company says.

Waddell continues: “This is an important project for Telestack as it demonstrates our response to the ‘voice of the customer’ and our ability to adapt existing tried and tested technology to new applications. We have been installing static, wheeled and tracked mobile bulk reception feeders for well over a decade now and we have an intricate understanding of the technology. Supported every step of the way by the factory and the dealer, our Titan range continues to grow in numbers and features. Our experience in a variety of sectors is invaluable in ensuring a successful design and our involvement from the start is important so we clearly understand the technical and commercial needs of any project that allows us to make specialist recommendations based on our international experience.”