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SKF to help customers transition to condition-based monitoring practices

SKF, a global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics and lubrication systems, has released a new digital vibration monitoring solution that, it says, allows industrial businesses to adopt smart condition-based maintenance practices.

SKF Enlight ProCollect is a new portable solution for customers after a condition-based maintenance procedure, or those seeking to extend their machine monitoring programs to a wider range of assets, it said.

The solution incorporates an updated version of SKF’s QuickCollect hand-held sensor, together with the new mobile app, SKF ProCollect. Running on a standard iOS or Android device, ProCollect has been designed to simplify the collection, interpretation and communication of both operational and machine condition data, according to SKF. Furthermore, the new software links to SKF Enlight Centre – SKF’s advanced, web-based monitoring platform.

“Enlight ProCollect is easy for non-specialists to use, allowing frontline operators and maintenance personnel to incorporate vibration monitoring tasks into their everyday activities,” SKF said.

“For example, pre-programmed inspection routes can be downloaded from Enlight Centre to a ProCollect device, which will then guide the operator through the steps necessary to collect data. That data is then transferred automatically to the Enlight Centre platform, where it can be analysed and visualised.”

Enlight ProCollect comes equipped with pre-programmed alarms to help operators and maintenance staff to diagnose and fix common problems. The visualisation capabilities of the Enlight Centre platform, meanwhile, allow companies to generate dashboards that provide an overview of plant performance.

Maintenance teams can use the platform’s suite of advanced tools to spot trends, diagnose problems and conduct root-cause analyses, according to SKF. Users also have the option of a connection to SKF Remote Diagnostic Services, giving them access to the company’s global network of reliability experts.

Enlight ProCollect customers can opt to buy the solution outright or choose a subscription approach that provides all the hardware, software and support services they need for a fixed monthly fee, according to SKF.

Barrie Rodgers Product Line Manager, Mobile Solutions at SKF, said: “Our subscription model allows companies to shift the cost of maintenance program improvements from capex to opex. They can easily extend their agreement to include other equipment and services – such as bearings or lubrication.”