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Berthold keeps tabs on slurry solids content with SmartSeries LB 414 system

Berthold says its SmartSeries LB 414 radiometric density measurement system is gaining traction in mining applications such as large volume thickening.

It explains: “Large volume thickening tanks are used in the mining industry to concentrate ore or minerals. Gravity settling drives the solid-liquid separation, which concentrates the solids at the bottom of the tank. The concentrated slurry is removed via an underflow outlet and should have a high solids content.

“However, care must be taken to monitor slurry solids content, as too high solids content can clog or damage pumps and pipes.”

The SmartSeries LB 414, suitable for density measurements in non-hazardous and non-explosive environments, can continuously monitor the solids content in the underflow, with the device providing an accurate and reproducible measurement for many years, Berthold claims.

The local user interface with display and software focused on key aspects makes calibration and operation of the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) device easy, the company says. Calibration can be carried out via the detector’s push button, HART communicator, PC with service modem, or infrared remote control. Once calibrated, in addition to the 4–20 mA HART output, the current measured value is continuously shown on the local display.

Some of the advantages of Berthold’s solids content measurement device in mining include:

  • Ensures smooth process flow and prevents pipes and valves from clogging;
  • Optimises flocculant use through feeding rate control;
  • Exact mass flow determination, in combination with a flow meter;
  • Minimal operating costs;
  • Maintenance free, no re-calibrations needed, and non-contact measurement avoids wear.