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Orcoda and Minset to carry out maintenance shutdown at BHP mine

Orcoda’s Resource Logistics Division has signed a service supply agreement with Minset that will see the two companies carry out a planned maintenance shutdown of one of BHP’s operational mines.

The service will take around a month to complete with revenue of A$35,000 ($25,103), Orcoda said.

Orcoda said the project, which is to commence on January 22, involves using Orcoda’s management platform and processes, supported by the Minset team, to undertake a live planned maintenance shutdown on an operational mine.

“This live shutdown follows the recent successful execution of the previously announced trial mine shutdown service,” Orcoda, which previously traded as SmartTrans Holdings, said.

In this partnership with Minset, and in cooperation with the BHP in-house maintenance team, Orcoda is implementing a real time, mine shutdown, which involves coordinating 350 sub-contracted workers. The platform and process can be used to scale to other mines and maintenance schedules, according to Orcoda.

Andrew Attrill, Minset Director, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Orcoda to implement their digital products to optimise shutdowns. We know this will be an important evolution in improving shutdown performance across the resources industry.”

SmartTrans to carry out RCMS trial at BHP Mine

SmartTrans Holdings has signed up BHP for a fully paid trial of its Resource Connect Management system (RCMS) after successfully completing a simulated mine schedule surface maintenance programme with the miner and mining services provider Minset.

The company will carry out a real and live scheduled shutdown programme at one of the company’s mines in September. SmartTrans will, again, partner with Minset on the project, which should take place in cooperation with the in-house maintenance team and coordinate 350 workers.

The deal represents the first new commercial business since the acquisition and integration of the Resource Connect personnel supply chain solutions business – and its patented iCuro cloud logistics management platform – completed on March 7.

SmartTrans said: “The real time BHP trial has proven the capabilities of RCMS. This phase has been negotiated on commercial terms. Future phases will be added and the RCMS solution will manage the compliance, reporting and the efficient movement of people and transportation assets during the shutdown programme.”

The previous simulation trial that took place in June was funded by Minset to the tune of A$20,000 ($14,720). It managed both the compliance and efficient movement of people and transportation assets throughout the scheduled surface maintenance programme.

SmartTrans’ Software as a Service solution business optimises scheduling constraints, people logistics and delivery logistics.