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Boart Longyear to exhibit sonic drilling tech at US convention

Boart Longyear has chosen this year’s Groundwater Week exhibition as the appropriate setting to display its advanced sonic drilling technology which employs the use of high-frequency, resonant energy to eliminate or minimise friction in subsurface drilling applications.

Its highly productive LS™250 sonic drill rig will be on show at the event. This features the MiniSonic™ head, making this rig part of the third generation of sonic rigs that utilise this patented technology.

“This is the perfect rig for a wide variety of drilling projects,” Fred Hafner, Sonic Drilling Specialist for Boart Longyear said. “We see our clients using the LS250 rig for sonic drilling in all sorts of environmental, geotechnical, dewatering, geo-construction, and mining activities.”

Boart was the first US firm to use sonic equipment for environmental drilling, with this technology now being used in a wide variety of soft ground and shallow drilling applications. Sonic drilling is shown to be faster, with less than 1% drill deviation, and is more accurate than conventional overburden drilling. It also creates more efficient penetration, reducing waste up to 80% and resulting in maximum core recovery.

After incorporating over 20 years of driller experience and refinement gained from use in its Drilling Services operations, the LS250 became the first MiniSonic rig the company has offered for outside capital equipment sales. The sonic rig technology has now been successfully used in the field for more than three generations and in several countries. The LS250 is CE-certified to conform to Europe’s strict health, safety, and environmental standards. The rig is versatile and, with the lowest ground pressure in its class, can carefully access fragile terrains and hard-to-reach drill sites.

Groundwater Week is hosted annually by the National Ground Water Association, attracting professionals from all sectors of the groundwater industry, including water well drilling contractors, pump installers, scientists, researchers, engineers, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers. This year’s exhibition will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Centre on December 5-6.