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Sandvik LHDs and dump trucks open to third-party proximity detection systems

Sandvik Load and Haul says it has developed a Proximity Detection System Interface for its underground LHDs and dump trucks.

The feature allows installation of a third-party proximity detection system (PDS) to a Sandvik underground loader or dump truck to meet legal requirements and improve safety in underground operations.

“PDSs help to improve safety at mine and construction sites where risks of collision may occur,” Sandvik said. “The PDS is generally designed to slow down and/or eventually stop the equipment in case the system detects a person or an object carrying a tag inside a predefined zone. The exact operation of the PDS always depends on the selected system and the local conditions, which vary from site to site.”

Marjut Seppälä, Product Safety Manager, Load and Haul, said: “A PDS is a legal obligation in South Africa, which is an important market area for Sandvik. We have developed the interface to meet these requirements and, at the same time, to improve safety on our customer sites. As we want to provide the same opportunity for all our customers, regardless of the market area, the interface now becomes globally available for our loaders and trucks.”

She continued: “But even though PDSs help to improve safety, they shall never be used to replace normal safe and sound operating practices.”

The PDS interface comes together with another safety enhancing feature, Speed Brake Interlock, which is used to prevent excessive speed during driving. When the Speed Brake Interlock functionality is in use, it monitors the equipment speed and guides the operator to slow down by means of visual and audible messages on the system display.