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First Ore-Mining looks to VIST’s AI solution for Pavlovskoye lead-zinc development

First Ore-Mining Company and ZYFRA have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that could see the Pavlovskoye lead-zinc deposit deploy artificial intelligence-based solutions for mining and processing operations.

Pavlovskoye is set to become the most northerly mine in Russia, once First-Ore, a Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corp division, moves ahead with development. It is scheduled to have a 3.5 Mt/y ore processing capacity.

The MoU document was signed at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum by Igor Semenov, Executive Director of First Ore-Mining Company, and Igor Bogachev, CEO of ZYFRA.

Bogachev said: “It is more difficult for companies to operate in extreme climatic conditions because of factors such as the high cost of resources and special work safety regulations. The robotised systems offered by our subsidiary, VIST Group, including Intelligent Mine, will reduce equipment downtime by 10-20% and maintenance costs by 15-18%, thereby cutting production costs by 2-3%.”

Intelligent Mine is a set of digital technologies for managing open-pit mining processes based on robotised lоad and haul systems, together with industry solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. “One of the advantages of the system is that it enables extraction of minerals in inaccessible and remote regions with severe climatic and subsurface conditions,” the digital solutions provider for heavy industries said.

The parties aim to explore a possible project to implement robotics and remote control of quarry equipment at the Pavlovskoye deposit of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. A bilateral working group will be set up within 45 days for this purpose, while the MoU covers a period of three years.

Semenov said: “Rosatom State Corp and First Ore-Mining Company have a strong focus on occupational safety. We are beginning this work in advance, so that the very first ore will be produced using advanced technologies in the safest possible conditions. Cooperation with Zyfra, which has extensive experience in developing digital smart solutions, will help us achieve this.”

Deloitte to help digitalise MMK’s iron and steel operations

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) says it has partnered with Deloitte CIS to create a digitalisation strategy for the company.

The agreement, signed during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, will see Deloitte CIS prepare a roadmap for the digitalisation of the company over the medium term.

MMK said it decided to update its digital portfolio as part of the company’s overall development strategy up to 2025.

The strategy will include the most effective projects to help MMK “achieve strategic goals faster and significantly improve the company’s business efficiency”, it said.

MMK and Deloitte have a long-standing relationship and, according to MMK, Deloitte has repeatedly shown its high level of expertise on a wide range of issues of strategic importance for MMK.

Andrey Eremin, Director for Economics at MMK, said: “I hope that our cooperation in the field of digital transformation will be just as effective and bring both sides beneficial results.”

According to the results of a preliminary study, Deloitte experts said there is significant potential for the use of advanced technologies at MMK, according to the Russia-based iron and steel maker. “This is because the company has an extensive digital history, as well as a production database which is updated in real time,” it said.

Alexander Oleynik, Director of Strategy and Operations at Deloitte CIS, said: “The MMK team’s long-standing commitment to implementing information systems to manage technical and production quality, as well as traceability, have made an excellent foundation for the business.

“In turn, Deloitte will bring cross-sectoral knowledge and innovation experience to the partnership, which will allow us to fully capitalise on MMK’s digital potential and form plans for its further development.”