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Kirkland Lake Gold signs up VRIFY to look for more golden opportunities

VRIFY Technology says it has entered into an agreement with Kirkland Lake Gold to launch the KL Gold Deal Room, a new online corporate development initiative that “enhances the process of identifying and evaluating potential investment opportunities”.

The initiative uses the VRIFY Deal Room platform, a cloud-based 3D presentation and collaboration technology that helps strategic investors and growth-oriented companies, like Kirkland Lake Gold, identify new opportunities to complement existing asset portfolios, VRIFY says.

VRIFY said: “The launch of the KL Gold Deal Room supports Kirkland Lake Gold’s objective to deploy its capital and technical expertise to make new discoveries, develop new mines, secure future gold resources and continue to responsibly deliver value to its shareholders.

“Kirkland Lake Gold has outlined a simple set of criteria for assets which have the potential to complement its growth strategy and will consider possible strategic investments, joint ventures and M&A opportunities. Using the KL Gold Deal Room, companies with assets that require capital, and meet these criteria, are invited to make online submissions to the KL Gold Deal Room using one standardised format that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.”

Stephen de Jong, Founder, President and CEO of VRIFY, said: “At VRIFY, we’re in the business of disrupting the way things have been done and are thrilled to launch the first ever Deal Room with Kirkland Lake Gold. It may be a tough market for commodities but there is no shortage of compelling opportunities out there waiting to be discovered. By leveraging accessible technology, we’re making it possible for growth-focused companies like Kirkland Lake Gold to attract, assess and refine large numbers of investment opportunities.”

He added: “We believe informed decisions are better decisions, and by utilising VRIFY Deal Room, Kirkland Lake Gold will be one of the most informed companies in the world.”

Tony Makuch, President and CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold, said: “At Kirkland Lake Gold, we operate two of the highest-grade, lowest-cost gold mines in the world, and are investing aggressively to continue to grow these operations and ensure they reach their full value potential.

“Supported by high levels of profitability and cash flow, and a strong balance sheet, we are also looking to grow shareholder value  by investing in new, high-quality gold projects that, with the benefit of our capital and expertise, have the potential to become world-class mining operations. We know there are many worthwhile opportunities out there, and we are interested in learning more about them. That’s why we have partnered with VRIFY to launch the KL Gold Deal Room.”