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Multotec continues to service miners during COVID-19 outbreak

Multotec has reaffirmed its support for customers during the COVID-19 outbreak, saying it will continue to provide assistance, especially to operations declared as essential services, throughout this tumultuous period.

As a global company serving six continents, the mineral processing original equipment manufacturer has operations in Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe, China, Ghana, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa.

Multotec CEO, Thomas Holtz, said: “We certainly find ourselves in challenging times and the global COVID-19 pandemic is giving us the opportunity of modifying the way we do business across the world.”

With South Africa currently in lockdown, Multotec is producing only ‘essential services’ products there, but expects to return to full production at the end of the lockdown on April 17, 2020, Holtz said.

“Our manufacturing facilities in China are fully operational, while our facilities in Canada, Chile and Australia are in various stages of operational capacity,” he says. “We have committed to working on weekends and over public holidays over the next months to ensure any order backlogs are caught up and there is the least possible disruption.”

Holtz highlighted that where some countries’ mining and power generation operations have been declared by their governments as essential services, Multotec is providing full product and service support from its local bases in these locations.

“The safety of our staff and customers is an absolute priority and every precaution is being taken to ensure the continued health of all our stakeholders,” he says. “At the same time, please be assured that – as far as possible and using various means – we continue to provide full technical and sales support to all our customers, wherever they may be.”

Multotec has taken the worldwide travel restrictions as an opportunity to run online training workshops in multiple languages with many customers in remote locations, it says. There are also informative training videos available on the company’s YouTube channel.