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LKAB, Mitsui on board with Talga’s graphite anode journey in northern Sweden

Talga Resources, Mitsui and LKAB have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) that could see the three jointly develop the Vittangi Anode project, in northern Sweden.

The LoI is a non-binding agreement between the parties whereby, after completing the detailed feasibility study on the project, expected March 2021, and due diligence, LKAB, Talga and Mitsui intend to negotiate a business agreement including ownership and investments in the project.

Talga is the 100% owner of the Vittangi graphite project and proprietary technology for anode battery production. Permit applications for the graphite mine were filed in May 2020.

The ASX-listed company is intent on establishing a European supply of sustainable, low-CO2 emission anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, using its 100% owned Swedish mineral assets and battery material technologies.

Building on the company’s vertically integrated business strategy, the development plan includes construction of a scalable lithium-ion battery anode production facility and integrated graphite mining operations in northern Sweden, with initial production capacity of 19,000 t/y coated anode from an annual ore mining rate of 100,000 t.

LKAB said growth within the industrial minerals market is a strategic activity for the company to reduce its dependence on the iron ore market, which today accounts for around 90% of external sales.

“There is also a clear sustainability-based rationale, coupled with the growth ambition, to recycle and upgrade by-products and waste streams,” the miner said. “Additionally, the growth will be accelerated through selected acquisitions and investments that offer synergies with LKAB’s market, operations and sustainability ambitions.”

Talga, with its proximity to LKAB’s existing mining operations in northern Sweden, may offer synergies with resources, skills and infrastructure, according to LKAB. “There are also potential commercial synergies with sales and distribution, including the developments in the ReeMAP project that will produce both phosphorus and rare earth elements through recycling mine waste.”

Talga and Schunk to work on graphene automotive applications

Talga Resources has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with a subsidiary of Germany-based Schunk Group to co-operate on the exploration and incorporation of Talga graphene (Talphene®) into a Schunk product with applications in the automotive sector.

The ASX-listed company said further details of the LoI and the application were commercial in confidence at this stage, but Talga has previously said Talphene could have potential as a functionalised graphene additive for lithium-ion battery cathodes, in addition to applications in packaging, concrete and composite materials.

Talga has 100% ownership of multiple high-grade graphite assets in northern Sweden, the most advanced of which (Vittangi – containing the Nunasvaara deposit) hosts the world’s highest grade JORC/NI 43-101 graphite mineral resource (12.3 Mt at 25.5% graphite), according to the company.

Talga Managing Director, Mark Thompson, said: “Talga is excited to be working with such a globally active and innovative carbon product manufacturer as Schunk on an application using Talga’s graphene. We look forward to leveraging our technology and products towards success of this program and potential development in future.”

Shunk offers a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and air conditioning, sintered metal and ultrasonic welding.

Last year, Talga said it was targeting completion of a prefeasibility study on Vittangi at the end of the March quarter.