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Cat sizes up miners’ drilling needs with expanded line of Tricone bits

Caterpillar has expanded its line of Tricone drill bits, offering a wider range of diameters with the high wear resistance, improved rock fragmentation and superior rates of penetration customers expect.

Cat® Tricone drill bits are designed for the most severe rotary blasthole applications, yet are cost effective for a wide range of drilling needs, according to Caterpillar.

The new bit line includes six diameters ranging from 171 mm (6.75 in) to 311 mm (12.25 in.). Their carbide shapes and cutting face arrangements are optimised for high wear resistance and improved rock fragmentation, and the aggressive, long-lasting cutting structure delivers a superior rate of penetration, according to Caterpillar. 

Caterpillar says its heat treatment technology and advanced air-cooled bearing design yields longer bit life and results in lower overall drilling costs.

“Cat bits also use innovative technology to prevent cuttings and unbroken rock ridges from inflicting severe wear on the cone. The result is improved working life,” the company said. Additionally, the gauge row design improves resistance to diameter shrinkage, according to the company.

Cat says its Tricone drill bits have demonstrated significantly lower total cost of drilling in head-to-head tests conducted in copper, iron ore and coal mines.