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Multotec-manufactured SAG mill trommel screens beating the competition

With mining companies looking to improve productivity and reduce downtime in the process plant, Multotec is promoting the use of its locally manufactured SAG mill trommel screens as a viable alternative to vibrating screens in SAG mill scalping applications.

“Many designers and mill operators believe that the benefits of simplicity and the ability to handle throughputs in excess of 3,500 t/h of solids make trommels the preferred equipment for this application,” the company said.

A key component ensuring optimal performance of SAG mill trommels is the screen panel, which enables this equipment to classify large volumes of mill product, according to Francois Fouche, Senior Screening Specialist at Multotec.

The company has developed a special range of rubber compounds used to manufacture the compression moulded rubber screen panels that are considered the highest wearing items in the trommel.

“We have achieved excellent results from our compression moulded screen panels with wear life extending over six months in 4,500 t/h hour SAG mill applications,” Fouche stated.
With nearly four decades of experience supplying locally manufactured trommel screens and, Multotec, today, has the process capability to size SAG mill trommel screens with diameters up to 5.5 m, it said.

“The company also designs its trommel screens to suit each customer’s unique requirements and confidently offers process and mechanical guarantees,” the company said.

Fouche said: “Considering the size and complexity of large SAG mill trommel frames, Multotec is able to apply the latest finite element analysis techniques during the design phase to ensure we reduce fatigue stresses and ensure structural integrity.”

Multotec, given the arduous duty, covers all frame surfaces exposed to the milled product with a wear resistant material, typically rubber.

Fouche said the operational performance of a SAG mill trommel is another key consideration for Multotec: “As adequate retention time is required for the efficient removal of the fine fraction, we need to reduce the high velocity of the slurry that exits SAG mills.

“We are able to achieve this with various configurations of weir bars. The design of a set of scrolls is an integral part of the design process as these regulate the flow of solids through the trommel screen.”

Multotec has supplied a number of trommel screens for 38-40-ft (11.6-12.2 m) SAG mills that required 500-600 mm high weir bars to create sufficient retention time. It can also supply a range of rubber shell plates and lifter bars to protect the SAG mill trunnion against wear.

“Providing long term customer support is one of the major advantages that Multotec offers,” Fouche says. “Our experienced competent field service crews maintain the screening media and provide condition monitoring on the trommels.”

The Multotec field service maintenance crews can also focus on wear rate indication and monitor the wear resistant lining of the steel structure, and in doing so provide a complete maintenance solution.

Multotec trommel solution hits the right note at Tronox’s Namakwa Sands

Original equipment manufacturer, Multotec says it has won a tender from Tronox’s Namakwa Sands to replace a trommel at the mine’s Primary Concentration Plant East (PCPE) at its Brand se Baai site, in South Africa.

Greta Mantell, Technical Sales Representative at Multotec Manufacturing, said the scope of supply included the trommel screen, screen panels and ancillary equipment which formed part of the installation at the PCPE.

Mantell said: “What was essential on this particular project was that the new Multotec trommel would replicate the exact process functionality of the old unit and provide the same level of operational performance and reliability as the old screen had for the past 12 years.”

In this application, the Multotec trommel screen is used to classify East mine run-of-mine (ROM) by size and discharge the oversize to the tailings conveyor. The undersize is processed as normal.

“Significantly, this screen is the only piece of equipment operating in the ROM processing circuit for which there is no standby or bypass alternative,” Multotec said.

Tronox’s PCPE uses sea water for its processes and this, together with operating in the harsh west coast environment, meant corrosion protection was a priority on the trommel. It has been supplied with replaceable polyurethane shell protectors as well as a high performance corrosion protection paint on all the non-rubberised surfaces. The trommel screen is fitted with Spalto polyurethane panels selected to ensure optimum throughput and wear life, according to Multotec.

With a focus on improving total cost of ownership, Multotec implemented its one-side fitting of screen panels on the trommel, and Mantell said this will facilitate quicker panel changeouts, saving on costs. As panel maintenance now only needs to be executed from the inside, safety will also be enhanced during this activity, the company said.

The new Multotec trommel is 7.2 m long and has a diameter of 2.5 m. The total mass of the trommel, including panels, is 12.5 t.

The new trommel was delivered on time and installation was done by the mine with Multotec handling the commissioning, the company said. Mantell said that after trouble-free installation, the trommel screen immediately operated at 95% of its design capacity and one day later full feed of 1,000 t/h was maintained.