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Xinhai adds management and operation services to EPC mining mix

Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment is expanding its turnkey mineral processing plant solutions in order to help manage and operate the projects it helps construct for mining clients, it said.

Xinhai has proposed a mineral processing EPC+M+O (engineering, procurement, construction and management and operation) service as part of this plan, which, it says, “can provide clients a complete mineral processing turnkey service to solve all the problems about mine management and operation”.

“Specifically, Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service is a customised service through the actual condition of plant,” the company said.

Xinhai said it found that many clients were in urgent need of services including mining engineering before the dressing plant, construction engineering, tailings pond management, and even the plant management and operation. Therefore, this new service was proposed to solve such problems.

“So far, Xinhai accomplished over 2,000 mine design, research and equipment supply projects, over 500 EPC+M+O service around the world, and exported products to over 90 countries and districts,” it said.

“Briefly, Xinhai EPC+M+O service contains every single link of modern mine cooperation construction. The essence of EPC+M+O service is to consider each link of mineral processing project service in a more comprehensive and detailed way.”