Imdex to launch AMC borehole optimisation system

Global mining equipment, technology and service (METS) company Imdex Ltd is to announce the launch of the AMC BOS™ (Borehole Optimisation System) at the Elko Mining event held in Nevada, USA on 6 June 2017. The system is unique to the global drilling industry by redefining the way drillers can proactively take control and provide protection to ensure borehole stability, making operations smoother and more predictable in even the most difficult conditions.

This patent pending system comprises the AMC BOS UNIT™, an in-hole lubricating and casing while drilling tool and the AMC BOS FIX™, a rapid fill lubricating grout. The AMC BOS UNIT™ injects AMC BOS FIX™ at regular intervals to the bottom of the drill string and up the annulus. The AMC BOS FIX™ then reacts with water to target, permeate and seal fractures – stabilising the borehole wall to minimise torque and fluid loss.

Commenting on the launch of Imdex’s AMC BOS™, the company’s General Manager for AMC, Troy Giesler, said: “We are excited about this ground breaking launch, allowing drillers to take full control of the borehole. Unlike using traditional and reactive methods such as grouting, cementing or using casing, the AMC BOS™ can be used as a proactive approach to significantly improve diamond drilling productivity, on-site safety, reduce environmental impact and lower overall operational costs.”

He added: “Our clients in the Americas have witnessed strong results with their on-site trials. We’ve seen savings of 77% in operational costs compared to holes using the traditional cementing/grouting method; we’ve seen abandoned holes recovered and significant boosts in productivity.” One client from a site in Arizona, Eric Castleberry Drill Supervisor at Resolution Copper, explained: “In all my time drilling at this site, I have never witnessed a product do what the AMC BOS™ had done to improve drilling and lost circulation conditions.”

Importantly, the AMC BOS™ is fast acting and easy to use. The dual action, simultaneous lubricating and grouting benefits, offer drillers the ability to reduce manual processes, material consumption and wear, and improve their drilling productivity on site. The AMC BOS™ is central to Imdex’s Drilling Optimisation solution set. There are a range of compatible market leading fluids that can also work in conjunction with the system to cater for all environments. For example AMC’s COREWELL System provides unrivalled protection of the core during recovery, allowing clients to maintain the integrity of their samples. AMC EZEE PAC R can also be used to help increase viscosity for cuttings removal and water loss control depending on the ground type.