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Liebherr Indonesia hands over R 9100 excavator to PT Karunia as it cements relationship

Liebherr Indonesia has recently entered its new business relationship with Indonesia-based mining contractor, PT Karunia Armada Indonesia, through the handover of an R 9100 hydraulic excavator at the Tabang mine site in East Borneo.

Another R 9200 mining excavator is set to start operating in April as part of the agreement.

Liebherr Indonesia and PT Karunia Armada Indonesia recently celebrated the symbolic handover of an R 9100 mining excavator, with the ceremony also marking the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two companies.

PT Karunia Armada Indonesia is currently working on a project at the Tabang mine site and aims to increase coal production in line with the mine owner’s requirements.

Danang Wiyana, Project Manager of PT Karunia Armada Indonesia, said he was amazed at how easily and efficiently Liebherr Indonesia’s technicians were able to assemble the machine, with Liebherr saying good cooperation between the two companies’ field teams during assembly strengthened the relationship.

Untung Suhendri, one of Liebherr Indonesia’s technicians, said: “It was an honour to work hand-in-hand with Karunia. We worked together as one team and managed to get the machine up and running within the expected time frame.”

The R 9100 mining excavator that started operating right after the assembly convinced the customer through its performance, according to Liebherr.

Wiyana added: “We are more than satisfied with our first Liebherr mining excavator as we have always met our production targets since it was commissioned.”

The R 9100 succeeded in loading over 100 t more than what was initially expected of the unit, according to Liebherr.

Premier Coal replenishes fleet with Liebherr R 9400

Premier Coal has recently taken delivery of a new Liebherr R 9400 hydraulic excavator at its operation in the Collie Coal Basin of Western Australia.

The new R 9400, which was delivered to the Yancoal Australia subsidiary earlier this month, will replace a R 994B on site and join another R 994B, a R 995 and two R 996Bs in the excavator fleet, Liebherr said.

The R 9400 follows the Liebherr design philosophy of maximising the machine’s performance by improving the efficiency of all individual subsystems. Engineered for optimum serviceability the machine is designed to ensure maximum uptime, the OEM said.

Designed for rough application, the R 9400’s heavy-duty three-piece fatigue-resistant undercarriage provides efficient superstructure weight distribution and reduces ground-bearing pressure enabling the necessary stability and reliability, according to Liebherr.

Premier Coal is Western Australia’s largest coal producer, mining about 4 Mt/y, according to the company. It is managed by Yancoal Australia on behalf of its majority shareholder Yanzhou Coal Mining Company.

A modern open-pit operation, Premier has a 240 t truck and large shovel fleet along with crushing, blending, and train and truck loading facilities, it said.

Premier’s coal has outstanding combustion characteristics, according to the company, as well as low ash and sulphur making it suitable for many applications including steam raising (power generation), cement making, and direct heat reduction. Its coal is currently used to generate the bulk of Western Australia’s power supplies, Premier said. It is also used in alumina and synthetic rutile production.

Liebherr to expand hydraulic excavator line with R 1900 B and R 9150 B

Liebherr Mining Equipment’s Colmar SAS division will launch B-versions of the R 9100 and R 9150 hydraulic excavators on January 1, the company has confirmed.

Both machines have become reliable and productive partners in the mining industry over the years, according to Liebherr, with the newest upgrades set to further boost machine performance and reliability while lowering the cost per tonne.

The first product presentation of the R 9100 B is set for Bauma China at the end of the month, Liebherr says.

“The Liebherr R 9100 (first launched in 2010) and R 9150 (first launched in 2012) are based on 60 years of Liebherr experience in the development and construction of hydraulic excavators,” Liebherr said.

Innovative technologies from the manufacturer’s large hydraulic excavator programme, together with well-proven Liebherr components, make these updated models ideal for the mining and construction industry’s needs, according to the company.

Both excavators are equipped with the long-lasting and proven Liebherr V12 diesel engine specifically designed to withstand extreme outside temperatures and high altitudes with low atmospheric pressure. Integrating the latest engine management system, these machines are built for extreme conditions.

“The Liebherr D9512 diesel engine is the latest generation of Liebherr diesel engines and is now US/EPA Tier 4 Final compliant. It has been upgraded on many levels with an increased engine lifetime (selective mining units target of 15,000 hours) and new features that facilitate and improve the engine maintenance,” Liebherr said.

Furthermore, the new B-versions come with the exclusive EVO Bucket Solution with patented Liebherr design to maximise loading capacity and ensure optimal penetration efficiency.

Thanks to the contoured sidewalls and the augmented depth, the EVO Bucket backhoe bucket has a capacity (for a material density of 1.8 t/m³) of 7.5 m³ (9.8 yd³) for the R 9100 B and 8.8 m³ – 9.6 m³ (11.5 – 12.6 yd³) for the R 9150 B.

Liebherr points out that the R 9150 B comes with an electric drive option, too.

The new buckets also make both excavators the perfect working partners in terms of shovel match for Liebherr’s new 100 t T 236 truck and all other articulated and rigid trucks in the 50 t to 100 t class.

In terms of access, the upper structure of the R 9100 B and R 9150 B is accessible via a robust fixed ladder, or 45° access stair and integrates one large central platform equipped with slip resistant surfaces. This new arrangement with wide catwalks facilitates maintenance and ensures comfort during all the operations, according to the company.

The excavators are fitted with ergonomic access for fast and safe maintenance, with all service points within reach from one side and at machine level.

The modern and large cab provides ideal working conditions and optimal operator comfort, Liebherr says.

Mounted on silent blocks, the optimised cab design reduces vibrations. The new headliner, meanwhile, limits noise pollution to provide a quiet working environment – Liebherr says there is a decrease of 2 dB in the cab compared with the previous version.

The new B-versions are serially equipped with GSM data transmission functionalities to collect operating parameters, error codes and machine faults. The data is accessible through the Liebherr-Mining Data platform on which the user can generate customised reports to track and analyse machine data.

The information collected through the Connectivity Kit is recorded in a worldwide database and enters a systematic assessment and resolution process to continuously improve existing and new products and components.

Liebherr’s vertical integration practice means the company designs and builds components to meet the specific operational requirements of both the customer and mine site, with genuine Liebherr components ensuring the best interaction within the machine to encourage optimal performance.

During the development of the B-series, several of these genuine Liebherr components like the swing pump, went through an upgrade to provide optimal reliability, superior productivity and a longer service life.