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MAXAM broadens underground OTR tyre offering with new ADT, LHD solutions

MAXAM Tire has expanded and upgraded its underground mining series with the release of new solutions for articulated dump trucks and LHDs.

With every underground site’s unique challenge and need for durability, MAXAM has designed solutions capable of achieving maximum stability and traction.

The 4-star rated E4/L4 MS405 and MS406 for ADTs boast 60% higher load capacity, according to the company. Designed with end users in mind, the MS405 is one of MAXAM’s flagship off-the-road solutions that, it says, delivers premium performance in the toughest jobs.

“Featuring a high traction pattern with increased wearable tread and heavy-duty casing, the MS405 has undergone the most extensive research and testing to exceed expectations,” MAXAM said. “Similarly, the MS406 encompasses a deep lug pattern that yields superior traction and resistance to wear and cutting, maximising performance with the lowest cost-per-hour for underground mining applications.”

To deliver superior puncture and cut resistance that LHDs require in underground mining, the improved L5/L5S MS501 and MS502 yield 15% higher load capacity, MAXAM says. Combining reinforced bead, shoulder and sidewall, both the MS501 and MS502 tackle severe underground mining jobs with ease. In addition, both products incorporate specialised mining compound for extra cut and impact resistance, the company added.

Matt Johnson, Vice President of MAXAM Mining Group, said: “With the underground mining market facing increasing demands, the expansion of our 4-star E4/L4 and 3-star L5/L5S lineups mark MAXAM’s pledge to design only the most capable solutions for the industry. While every underground site has unique needs, we’re confident that the increased load capacity our series now have will perform beyond expectation. In addition to our comprehensive series for open-pit mining and haul trucks, from size 49 to 63 inches, the enhanced lineups for underground mining symbolise MAXAM’s commitment to play an integral part in the mining industry’s operation and future.”

MAXAM launches its biggest open-pit mining tyre to date

MAXAM has announced the launch of its biggest open pit mining tyre to date, the MS403 59/80R63.

Using pioneering compounding technology and cutting-edge engineering, the MS403 is manufactured in MAXAM’s state-of-the-art radial tyre facility, the company says.

“To meet the most challenging application requirements in the open-pit mining segment, MAXAM has engineered the MS403 to provide the industry with a robust and durable solution for the largest mining haul trucks,” it explained.

To meet the demands that large haul trucks with 63 in tyres face, the 59/80R63 MS403 encompasses a heavy-duty casing and bead construction with advanced compounding technology, the company says. Similar to the large 63 in product lineup in the mining series, the MS403 has undergone advanced engineering, extensive research, and rigorous and repeated global testing.

“With the main goal of providing exceptional performance and lower cost-per-tonne value, MAXAM designed the 59/80R63 MS403 to maximise global mining operation’s productivity,” MAXAM says.

Featuring an aggressive tread pattern that increases shoulder lug stability and reduces irregular wear on the tread, the MS403 59/80R63 is engineered to cope with the most severe challenges on haul roads. The bead construction and casing enables greater load capacity and ground contact, while the MS403 features a deep tread depth for boosted tyre life.

It also contains a heat-resistant undertread for reduced internal heat build-up, increasing the tyre’s TKPH/TMPH. In addition, it features a “unique” two-stage lug to improve self-cleaning capability.

Matt Johnson, VP of MAXAM Mining Group, says: “In the demanding mining global market, the addition of the 59/80R63 size further enhances our flagship mining product line, delivering a comprehensive line of viable solutions to mining applications globally in every size.

“With only a few manufacturers capable of producing the largest and most aggressive 63-in large tyres, this showcases MAXAM’s commitment to play an integral part in the mining industry’s operation and future. We are confident that the largest open-pit mining tyres will perform on par with other tier-one tyres with a more competitive price and value.”

MAXAM Tire launches new group focused on open-pit mining

MAXAM Tire says it has created a dedicated global team focused on the open-pit mining market called MAXAM MINING GROUP (MMG).

The MMG team is made up of multiple members across continents responsible for serving regional market demands. Each member of the team is an industry leading expert dedicated to providing the best customer experience along with superior business solutions, the company said.

“As mining applications and machinery continue to evolve, our R&D group focuses on the utilisation of leading technology to improve safety, product performance and repeatable quality,” MAXAM Tire said. “By leveraging extensive research and testing in multiple mine locations around the world, our engineering team develops site-specific tyre compounding along with the next generation casing designs to exceed site requirements for overall performance improvement.”

To meet MAXAM’s engineering team’s advanced innovations, MAXAM has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality process, with all mining products produced with multi-staged, custom designed building equipment, it said. “This new technology allows for consistent construction and minimal disruption of the casing during the curing process,” MAXAM Tire said.

“Utilising advanced shearography technology, all MAXAM mining products are screened for internal defects as part of the standard inspection. In addition, extensive ultrasonic gauge testing is completed before product is approved for distribution. “

Matt Johnson has been appointed as Vice President of the MMG. He said: “We pride ourselves in delivering solutions with the lowest cost per hour/tonne, and provide long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers and our partnerships that only begins at the placement of MAXAM products.”