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K2fly and BHP extend Ground Disturbance solution agreement

K2fly Limited says BHP has extended its existing one-year contract related to K2fly’s Ground Disturbance solution covering its Western Australian Iron Ore (WAIO) operations in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The new three-year agreement comes with a total contract value of A$1.99 million ($1.35 million), according to the ASX-listed company, and follows an initial one-year engagement signed in May 2022.

BHP’s WAIO is an integrated system of four processing hubs and five mines, connected by more than 1,000 km of rail infrastructure and port facilities in the Pilbara region of northern Western Australia. It produces over 245 Mt/y of iron ore, making it one of the top five producers of iron ore globally.

Sitting within K2fly’s Natural Resource Governance area, K2fly Ground Disturbance solution is a cloud-based Software as a Service platform for applying, approving, tracking, reporting and submitting closure of permits and rehabilitation commitments surrounding ground disturbance activities, K2fly explained.

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, said: “Our Ground Disturbance solution is the only commercial off-the-shelf solution available in the market globally and speaks to how our customers are increasingly attributing value to the importance of proper resource governance on land and protecting their license to operate. We are delighted to extend our contract into a three-year term with another global Tier 1 client.”

Anglo American joins K2fly’s resource governance and disclosure club

K2fly Limited says it will roll out its Resource Disclosure mineral resource governance solution across all Anglo American commodities and operating regions as part of a three-year agreement set to generate a total contract value of A$1.44 million ($974,779).

K2fly Resource Disclosure, a mineral inventory data and reporting solution, is an off-the-shelf cloud-based platform that allows companies to accurately adhere to mine-to-mill reporting
requirements for all stock exchanges, according to K2fly.

The solution enables clients to capture the raw resource and reserve data and report to multiple stock exchanges (including the ASX, NYSE, LSX, TSX and JSE) and reporting codes (JORC, NI-43 101, SK-1300, SAMREC, etc) to remain compliant, according to the ASX-listed company.

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, said: “This is our first major contract with Anglo American. We are pleased to collaborate with Anglo American to deliver our next generation cloud-first resource governance platform.

“Anglo American join a distinguished group of 18 global clients, including Rio Tinto, Newmont and South32, that have moved to the world’s only commercial off-the-shelf solution for mineral resource governance and disclosure.”

K2fly and ArcelorMittal Mining UK agree on resource governance pact

K2fly Limited says ArcelorMittal Mining UK has selected K2fly’s Resource Disclosure and Model Manager solutions, within its Mineral Resource Governance solution area, to support the wider ArcelorMittal group’s reporting obligations as a publicly listed company reporting under US SEC S-K 1300 guidelines.

The five-year agreement with K2fly will generate a total contract value of A$1.9 million ($1.3 million) and represents the first joint sale of K2fly’s Resource Disclosure solution coupled with Model Manager.

Resource Disclosure enables clients to capture the raw resource and reserve data and report to multiple stock exchanges to remain compliant, while Model Manager helps improve governance over resource and reserve data, including meshes, wireframes, triangulations and models, according to K2fly.

The two solutions are set to be used across all 10 mining regions within the ArcelorMittal group, including in Canada, Africa and elsewhere.

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce our first contract with ArcelorMittal (Mining UK). We are also thrilled that this is the first joint sale of our K2fly Resource Disclosure Solution coupled with Model Manager. This realises the vision driving the acquisition of Sateva which brought us Model Manager, a very natural fit with our Resource Reporting solution.

“This combination offers our customers a deeper governance and transparency solution and efficiencies around block model management on an enterprise-wide basis. This combination is one of the holy grails of the mining industry, linking the model management and resource disclosure systems.”

In addition to the ArcelorMittal contract win, K2fly recently reported that Mineral Resources Ltd had signed up to use Model Manager and Ore Blocker – a technical assurance module – as part of a three-year contract. This will see the solutions used across MinRes’ iron ore and lithium operations across Australia.

K2fly engaged by Fortescue for software development services

K2fly Limited says it has received orders from entities related to or associated with Fortescue Metals Group Ltd for the provision of software development services with a total contract value of A$1.2 million ($766,780).

The services will be provided on a time and materials basis over an expected period of six months.

The iron ore miner has been using K2fly’s services since 2012, initially signing up to use its Infoscope Land Management software. Within this it is also using the ASX-listed company’s Ground Disturbance Solution, among others.

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, said: “We pleased to be working with Fortescue across a number of areas in the business. Fortescue are using a number of our platform solutions and, in addition, have engaged us for software development services in other areas of their business. These services are additional one-off revenues for K2fly and are also generated from time to time with other K2fly clients.”

K2fly bolsters Resource Governance Platform with ESG, Maptek Vulcan credentials

K2fly is adding to its Resource Governance Platform with an update that will address multiple resource governance use cases, such as tailings governance, heritage, ground disturbance and rehabilitation, plus integrate with the Maptek-owned Vulcan software.

The Resource Governance Platform is already used extensively for mineral resource and reserve reporting by public companies globally, with the RCubed software being the solution it is typically known for.

The new Mineral Resource Governance Platform, due to be released in December quarter of 2022, will replace Rcubed with K2fly Resource Reporting. It will provide existing and new customers with strengthened scale and improved workflow capabilities, supported by new additional complementary modules, K2fly Model Manager and K2fly Mine Reconciliation. These solutions are the world’s first and only Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) comprehensive resource reporting solution used for public disclosures, according to K2fly. The new solution will be available for customers to upgrade to during the 2023 financial year.

The platform will also be a cloud-first solution, which leverages the experience gained across K2fly’s extensive Tier 1 and Tier 2 global customer base, the company says.

The core of K2fly’s Mineral Resource Governance solution area allows companies to confidently report and disclose mineral resource and reserve (MRR) data that is compliant with the codes and regulations of the jurisdictions in which they operate and the stock exchanges they are listed on.

Benefits of K2fly Resource Reporting are strengthening of governance outcomes for clients by reducing errors and person-dependency risk within an organisation, generating an audit trail and significantly improved workflows creating ease to capture raw data, capability to track data ownership and accurately adhere to reporting requirements.

New features will include performance improvements and a new data model, making it easier to access more data and address more industry use cases. There are additional improvements to the system and reporting and analytics functions. The solution will include interactive reporting, new workflows and simplified configuration, the company added.

The K2fly Model Manager, meanwhile, will provide a ’big data’ governance solution that allows block models, solids, surfaces and other spatial data to be managed in a centralised repository and provides access control and auditing on all data, according to the company. Model Manager extends the K2fly Resource Reporting solution to reduce the length of the reporting cycle and provide complete traceability from the reporting estimates back to the block models that the resource and reserve information was sourced from, according to K2fly.

K2fly and Maptek are working together to connect Vulcan (supplying modelling input data) and the resource reporting solution. As such, data generated in Maptek Vulcan, an advanced 3D geological modelling, mine design and production planning software solution, can be seamlessly uploaded to K2fly’s solutions. This avoids the need to manually handle text files and strengthens the governance from Vulcan geological block models to the reporting process in K2fly Resource Reporting. Vulcan will be integrated with K2fly Resource Reporting in the December quarter of 2022.

Vulcan 3D geological modelling and mine design software now has more than 22,000 users worldwide. It is supported by specialist tools for visualising, validating, and modelling data to enable analysis and support decisions.

Maptek announced a strategic investment in K2fly back in April, with Maptek Chairman, Peter Johnson, joining the K2fly board as a Non-Executive Director in the process.

Peter Johnson, Chairman of Maptek, said: “Collaboration between Maptek and K2fly is an obvious way for both companies to leverage the technology available to them now to better deliver value to our customers. We share a very high proportion of customers in common and so any enhancements we can enable to the workflows and capabilities between the respective product sets will impact many users positively. In the current environment where miners are facing a shortage of skills, experience, and people in general, as well as increased regulation and scrutiny around governance, one of the most important things a technology developer can do is to help make the work easier, more efficient and more reliable. The integration collaboration with Maptek and K2fly’s new Resource Governance solutions platform are both contributing to these outcomes.”

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, said: “Our product and engineering teams have been very busy these last 12 months liaising with our customers and redesigning the solution ground up as a cloud first service to provide more scale and more use case alternatives so customers can leverage the organisational structures and governance capabilities at the heart of the system. The new version will be faster and easier to implement for smaller clients as well.

“We are also proud to launch Model Manager in conjunction with the new Resource Reporting Solution which was integral in the acquisition of Sateva in 2020. The new releases and integration of these products to form the world’s only COTS solution takes K2fly further ahead and increases our moat in the Mineral Resource Governance space.”

K2fly to deploy Ground Disturbance Solution across BHP WA iron ore sites

K2fly has announced that BHP Iron Ore has signed an initial one-year contract to deploy K2fly’s Ground Disturbance Solution over its entire iron ore operations in the Pilbara of Western Australia.

The agreement with K2fly will generate annual recurring revenue of A$620,000 ($432,151), according to the provider of resource governance solutions.

BHP’s Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO) is an integrated system of four processing hubs and five mines, connected by more than 1,000 km of rail infrastructure and port facilities in the Pilbara region of northern Western Australia. It produces over 245 Mt/y of iron ore, making it one of the top five producers of iron ore globally.

Sitting within K2fly’s Natural Resource Governance area, K2fly Ground Disturbance solution is a cloud-based Software as a Service platform for applying, approving, tracking, reporting and submitting closure of permits and rehabilitation commitments surrounding ground disturbance activities, K2fly explained.

“K2fly’s Ground Disturbance Solution is the only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution available in the market today and is transforming the way resource and infrastructure landowners manage and govern their land assets, enabled by delivering spatial first visibility, speed and efficiency in understanding and decision making, and collaboration for the users across the spectrum of land management,” it said.

The agreement with BHP means K2fly now provides the ground disturbance solution for the three biggest iron ore producers in Western Australia: Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue Metals Group.

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, said: “We are delighted to be starting our relationship with BHP, who will join many other Tier 1 global mining companies as a valued client of K2fly. Our Ground Disturbance Solution is the only system which helps provide better transparency and governance whilst avoiding damaging the environment or protecting cultural heritage and ensuring all stakeholder engagement and obligations are met.

“Because of recent events in the Pilbara, the world’s attention is very much focused on how mining companies ensure that they better protect the environment, cultural heritage sites and engage with communities. This is a global trend and because K2fly offers the world’s only COTS solution for the range of natural resource governance and ESG issues that mining companies are addressing today, we are expecting this solution to become standard across many mining companies and across all jurisdictions.”

Rio Tinto to roll out K2fly’s Ground Disturbance solution across Pilbara ops

K2fly Ltd says Rio Tinto has signed a five-year contract for its Ground Disturbance solution, with the miner planning to roll it out across its iron ore operations in the Pilbara of Western Australia.

The contract will generate annual recurring revenue of A$620,000 ($450,676) over the initial five-year term, the ASX-listed company says.

The addition of Ground Disturbance expands the number of K2fly solutions used by Rio Tinto to five out of K2fly’s nine existing solutions which already include: Resource Inventory & Reconciliation, Dams & Tailings, Community & Heritage and Mine Geology Data Management, K2fly says.

K2fly says its Ground Disturbance solution provides a single source for applying, approving, tracking, reporting and submitting closure of permits and rehabilitation commitments surrounding ground disturbance activities.

Nic Pollock, CEO of K2fly, says: “We are delighted to continue to expand our relationship with Rio Tinto into ground disturbance. Effective ground disturbance systems are the glue for operations that want to ensure technical assurance around land management, maintain licence to operate and ensure high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. We are pleased to be working closely with Rio Tinto across a number of key ESG solutions globally.”

Newmont to continue use of K2fly’s RCubed Resource Governance Solution

K2fly Ltd has announced that Newmont has signed a five-year extension to its existing contract for K2fly’s Resource Governance Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

The extension agreement has a total contract value (TCV) of A$1.3 million ($951,289) and builds on the initial three-year agreement signed in March 2020, which came with a TCV of A$900,000. The agreement will extend the contract period to March 2028.

Newmont will continue to use K2fly’s RCubed Resource Governance Solution across 12 operating mines as well as joint ventures and projects across global operations as part of the agreement, K2fly says.

RCubed software, K2fly says, generates resource and reserve reports that support reporting codes such as JORC, NI-43-101 and SAMREC across the major stock exchanges – including NYSE, LSE, TSX, ASX and JSE. It assists mining and resource companies in complying with their regulatory reporting obligations.

Nic Pollock, Chief Executive Officer of K2fly, said: “This extension of our original agreement from March 2020 with the world’s leading gold company reaffirms the importance of K2fly’s solutions in helping large resources organisations with their ESG reporting and aligns with Newmont’s purpose to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining.”

Decipher and K2fly team up for new tailings storage facility platform

Decipher, a Perth-based cloud monitoring platform for tailing storage facilities (TSFs), has partnered with K2fly, a global provider of technical assurance solutions for the resources industry, to evaluate an integrated monitoring and governance platform for tailings.

Tailing storage facility failures, in which there is an uncontrolled release of water, waste material or by-product, constitute a significant risk for industry, regulators and the environment. Industry best practice and legislation is requiring that an Independent Technical Review Board be assigned for each TSF to ensure proper governance and compliance, according to Decipher.

Decipher and K2Fly have come together to combine their complementary technology strengths to create a solution to help mining and resources companies in monitoring and governance of these risks, Decipher says.

Anthony Walker, Decipher Chief Executive Officer, said the resources industry is now looking for a solution that is cost effective, comprehensive and accessible.

“A recent report by KPMG identifies tailings management as one of the top 10 risks in 2020 to the global mining industry,” Walker said. “This is confirmation of the need for a timely solution which, together, Decipher and K2fly can provide.”

K2fly’s Chief Commercial Officer, Nic Pollock, said the proposed solution will ensure industry has access to a significantly better tool to aid monitoring and governance of TSFs to recognised standards.

“Our solution reflects best practice and will support compliance with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management recently endorsed by the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), and other Global Tailings Review convenors, as well as standards set by national regulatory bodies,” Pollock said.

Decipher and K2fly have commenced discussions with several global miners about the proposed tailings management solution, which can also be deployed remotely during COVID-19.

There are an estimated 3,500 active TSFs globally, covering around 1 Mha of land, Decipher, a Wesfarmers company, said.

K2fly gets to work on RCubed mineral inventory reporting solution for South32

K2fly has signed up diversified mining and metals company, South32, to use its resource governance solution, RCubed.

South32 is expected to use the platform for its mineral inventory reporting for five years, with the total contract value more than A$880,000 ($608,419), K2fly said.

The full implementation is to commence immediately and will cover 19 global operations, the company added.

Nic Pollock, K2fly’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “It is a great honour to be working with South32. This adds to our growing list of diversified customers like Rio Tinto, Teck Resources and Nexa Resources.”

The company says its total contract value has growth 45% this quarter and is now over A$6.9 million, compared with the end of the March quarter.