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Michelin ups load capacity and increases sidewall resistance with new X Mine tyre

Michelin North America, Inc. has launched the MICHELIN® X® Mine D2 Extra Load L5 *** 35/65R33 tyre, an improved version of one of its most popular mining tyres.

The new tyre, developed to perform in quarry and underground mining applications, is designed to withstand the most aggressive mining environments and has the capacity to carry heavier loads, now with a *** load rating, according to the company.

“Michelin is extremely proud of this tyre because of the increased benefit it offers our customers,” Sarah Robinson, Segment Manager of Mining for Michelin North America, said. “The new X Mine D2 Extra Load tyre improves upon the well-regarded and trusted X Mine D2 tyre, as it increases the load capacity by 16%, from 28,000 kg to 32,500 kg.”

In harsh mining environments, tyres are often removed before their maximum life cycle due to damage. The MICHELIN X Mine D2 Extra Load tyre uses innovative new plies in the sidewall that keep sidewall injuries from spreading and prevent rock cuts from penetrating the sidewall, Michelin says. Combined with the heavier cables at the crown, the MICHELIN X Mine D2 Extra Load tyre delivers better aggression resistance, allowing sites to maximise tyre life, it added.

“A new bead design enhances the strength of the bead zone,” Robinson said. “Combined with stronger cables for a more robust architecture, the MICHELIN X Mine D2 Extra Load tyre increases both efficiency and yield in mining operations for our customers, allowing for more material to be extracted in the same amount of time previously necessary.”

Michelin takes on more of the load with new rigid dump truck tyres

Michelin North America has completed the MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD line-up with the addition of the 21.00R33 tyre dimension for 50 ton (45 t) payload rigid dump trucks.

The new MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP™ and the MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT™ tyres allow users to increase load capacity by 10%, or accommodate more distance per hour to maximise productivity, the company says, adding that both the GRIP and PROTECT tyres will be offered in A4 and B rubber compounds.

Sarah Robinson, B2B Mining Marketing Manager for Michelin North America, said: “The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD tyre line is complemented by the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND line for articulated dump trucks. This Michelin offer for transport trucks in quarries and mines provides a modern solution to maximise the amount of material loaded into these trucks while still delivering traction, damage resistance and increased tyre life.”

The new MICHELIN XTRA LOAD tyre is available for two surface rigid dump truck applications.

The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD PROTECT is for hard, sharp, abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces, where the priority is protection and damage resistance – conditions often found in quarries and construction sites. This application is for customers who want to carry up to 10% more load or increase the distances they carry up to a maximum speed of 34 km/h, according to the company.

With an 8% longer wear life, the revolutionary tread pattern contains a greater volume of tread rubber and has better load distribution across the contact patch, Michelin says. “The interlocking blocks and improved heat dissipation yield a cooler running tyre that allows increased speeds,” it says. “Corrosion-proof cables within the tyre structure increase aggression resistance.”

The MICHELIN XTRA LOAD GRIP tyre is for soft, loose, muddy ground conditions in mining and quarry operations on slopes and inclines, where the priority is high grip and traction. A reinforced casing gives the tyre a 10% more load capacity per machine – a huge increase in productivity when multiplied by the number of cycles made daily, the company says.

The tread is comprised of 30% more biting lug edges, which improves braking, cornering and acceleration in loose ground conditions. The tyre can also handle speeds up to 34 km/h thanks to cooler internal running temperatures, Michelin says. The tyre also provides 8% longer wear life with more rubber in the contact patch and improved damage resistance with corrosion-proof steel cables, according to the company.

For the XTRA LOAD PROTECT, the tonne miles per hour (TMPH) is increased by at least 9.3% and up to 69% depending on the specific compounding when compared with previous Michelin ranges, the company says. For the new XTRA LOAD GRIP, the TMPH is increased by at least 4% and up to 31% depending on the specific compounding when compared with previous Michelin ranges.

“This extended load and speed capability will allow users to optimise machine cycles and increase productivity,” Michelin says. “Greater volume of tread rubber in contact with the ground contributes to better load distribution, improved wear resistance and increased tyre life.”

The XTRA LOAD series is also available in sizes 18.00R33 and 24.00R35, the company added.

Michelin completes 49 in tyre portfolio with XD MINEWORKS

Michelin North America has introduced a new 49 in (1,245 mm) tyre for 100 ton (91 t) mining and quarry dump trucks that, it says, addresses the aggressive everyday needs of operators in North America.

The MICHELIN® XD MINEWORKS 27.00R49 is specifically designed for dependable performance, the company says.

Sarah Robinson, Michelin North America’s B2B Mining Marketing Manager, said: “Michelin has a strong heritage when it comes to supporting mines, quarries and contractors. Developed by a team of global experts, the MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS tyre is built with high-quality innovations that customers know and trust.”

MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS tyres are designed with a new tread pattern and tread depth to deliver even wear on hard soil and a worry-free product experience, according to Michelin. They use the latest mining tyre design principles, which means the incorporation of advanced casing and high-wear resistance compound technologies for surface mining tyres to handle heavy loads at lower pressure. They are designed as a good balance between tonne-kilometres/h and wear resistance, Michelin says.

Thanks to tough cables and innovative architecture, the MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS tyre allows operators to run with less pressure than competitor tyres for the same load. This feature, in particular, can deliver big benefits for the operator and the equipment, Michelin says.

The non-directional, 66 mm tread (designed for minimal rotation) minimises stone retention, while the tyre has the same Michelin manufacturing warranty as all of its mining tyres.

With the introduction of the 2-star MICHELIN XD MINEWORKS, Michelin offers a complete 49 in tyre portfolio. This also includes the 3-star MICHELIN XDR® 3 tyre that maximises productivity and tyre life and the 3-star MICHELIN XDGRIP tyre that is for the most challenging loose surface conditions.