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Geophysique TMC to sell and service Minnovare’s Azimuth Aligner in Quebec

Minnovare has announced a new distributor agreement with Geophysique TMC that will see the Quebec-based company become the official sales and service agent for the Azimuth Aligner® range of products throughout the Canadian province.

TMC, Minnovare says, is one of Canada’s leading specialists in geophysical ground data collection. Established in Val-d’Or, Abitibi in 1998, it offers clients specialised mining equipment and consulting services to better prepare mineral exploration work; specifically, in regard to drilling programs.

Minnovare’s Azimuth Aligner is used in mining exploration and civil construction projects to automate the drill-rig alignment process. Minnovare claims it reduces rig setup times by up to 90%, increases drilled metres per shift by up to 20%, reduces costs per drilled metre by up to 15%, sets up 100% of holes within tolerance and increases revenue per rig by up to 10%.

The product is currently deployed at over 100 international mine sites and tunnelling projects, according to Minnovare.

Minnovare Commercial Director, Mick Beilby, said: “We’re delighted to be able to sign this distributor agreement with TMC. TMC have built a solid reputation in the Canadian mining sector over the past 20 years. Their specialisation in drilling applications and their cultural fit align well with Minnovare and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.”

TMC Director, Gabriel McCrory, said: “We are immediately able to offer high quality products to all of our customers in Canada, supported by the professional Minnovare team.”

This latest Azimuth Aligner distributor agreement comes on top of a similar one Minnovare signed last year with International Directional Services for the US market.