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The MWSG issues advice on security management planning for mine sites

The Mining Security Working Group (MWSG) has produced its first white paper regarding security management planning, which provides guidance for developing a Security Management Plan (SMP) that supports implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR), and the application of other international best practices.

The MSWG, which says it supports the initiatives of the Government of Canada, the Mining Association of Canada, and extractives industry leaders in promoting respect for human rights, said its whitepaper represents the best practices and practical experience of MSWG members gained from applying these measures around the world.

Established in 2015, the MSWG is a forum for subject matter experts and security practitioners within the extractive industry to collaborate and share insights and learnings of ongoing challenges, technological advances, best practices, and further the goals of industry initiatives such as the VPSHR and UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The VPSHR, which were established in 2000, are a set of principles designed to guide companies in maintaining the safety and security of their operations within an operating framework that encourages respect for human rights.

The MWSG said: “Implementation and application of the VPSHR requires an organisation to conduct threat and risk assessments, develop department standards for proprietary and contract security, and carefully consider their relationship with, and support for, public security.

“To accomplish this, a well-considered security management plan that follows industry best practices is required.”

This is where the SMP comes in.

An SMP is a document that outlines the organisation’s security philosophy, strategies, goals, programmes, and processes, according to the MWSG.

“It provides strategic guidance for the security department’s development and direction in a manner that is consistent with the company’s overall business plan. It should also outline risk assessment and mitigation plans,” the group said.

“The SMP guides the company’s actions in mitigating and protecting against risks of a security and human rights nature that could threaten communities, employees, facilities, operations, production, the reputation of the company and its global operations.”

An important consideration of SMP development is aligning the mission and strategies of the security programme with those of the organisation, the MWSG said. This ensures the security function is not seen just as an expense, but is an integral part of the business and contributes to an environment of success.

“The SMP is a tool that helps the security manager achieve agreement and buy-in from other business units. It articulates how the security department interrelates and supports all areas of the organisation.”

The MWSG outlines seven areas that need to be covered in the development of an effective security management plan:

  1. Principles of security management;
  2. Developing a blueprint;
  3. Security management;
  4. Risk management;
  5. Risk assessment;
  6. Policy and procedures, and;
  7. Security supervision and control.

“There are many documents, available from a variety of sources, that address implementation of the VPSHR. They all discuss the need for policies and procedures that support the principles, but an organisation must have a strong security foundation to ensure the success of the implementation process,” the MSWG said.

For more information on the MSWG, follow this link.