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Canary Systems’ MultiLogger Suite software receives an update

Canary Systems says it has released a major update to its MultiLogger® Suite software platform for automated and manual data acquisition.

The platform allows collection, management, display, and analysis of data for a variety of project types – “be it geotechnical, structural, meteorological, environmental, construction, or other; be it automated or manually collected; be it short-term or long-term”, Canary said.

It is a vendor-independent platform that connects all the links of a monitoring project (instrumentation, dataloggers, third party databases, and telemetry) in a single platform, according to the company.

“In short, MLSuite is capable of presenting, at a glance, the status of a given project as a whole, in a single integrated view, in your browser (MLWeb), in 2D and 3D, with full GIS-enabled mapping support and flexible charting options.”

The latest update has seen a number of changes to the platform, according to Canary.

“For the first time ever, it is possible to collect, view, and analyse data from a multitude of sources – including geotechnical instrumentation as well as radar and InSar point clouds – in a real-time, web-based 3D platform,” the company said.

Within this update there are several new features. MLWeb®’s 3D visualisation engine, for instance, allows for spatial data analysis of any sensor data, and display of 3D point clouds and surfaces right into a client’s browser, Canary said. “Draw cross-sections on the fly; view surface and subsurface data from any angle; and use spatial filters to query underlying sensor and point data for charting and further analysis or alarming,” the company added.

The software platform’s integrated GIS component is capable of ingesting dozens of GIS format files and live map servers without any additional tools, according to Canary. It also supports automatic conversions and reprojections on the go between local, global and projected coordinate systems for data and layers. “Additional dynamic options such as contours, heatmaps and vectors based on data values help visualise trends right on the map,” the company added.

MLSuite’s Data Classing engine allows clients to set up templates that define patterns, properties, calculations, locations and relationships for their data, according to Canary. “Once classed, watch in awe how a newly installed instrument (or hundreds of them) automatically appears in the database with all charts and functions created for you,” the company said.

The advanced calculation engine provides a set of tools beyond just raw data, according to Canary. “Statistical functions, trendline forecasting, if-conditionals, runtime parameters, conversions, corrections, correlations and many other operations can be created and customised to suit each project’s specific needs.”

MLSuite’s alarming engine allows for setting threshold and rate-of-change alarms quickly, Canary said. Clients define the source and how many occurrences are needed to trigger an alarm, and then select from a range of on-alarm/off-alarm actions including email and text.

“MLSuite includes MultiLogger, an application designed to communicate, programme, and collect from many makes and models of dataloggers and sensors directly, without the need for additional software. This single point of interaction means: robust data collection without manufacturer or vendor limitations,” Canary said.