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MineRP, IsoMetrix to combine mining risk and production management tools

South Africa-based, mining-focused software companies MineRP and IsoMetrix have announced a formal partnership that will, they say, offer the market an unmatched advantage in integrated risk and production management.

The two companies’ software products provide a combined ecosystem to facilitate real-time management of risk, hazards and critical controls, underpinned by three-dimensional spatial visualisation.

Paul Marketos, Co-Founder of IsoMetrix, said the partnership with MineRP “is a huge differentiator for us in the market. Our mining customers can now spatially visualise their EHS (environmental, health and safety) risks as they relate to production, in an integrated way”.

Empie Strydom, VP of Marketing at MineRP, said risk was, in the past, seen as a compliance function. “But, now we understand that risk management is a key component of a mining company’s performance and production,” he said. “The clearer – and more integrated – a view of risk the mine has, the more easily these risks can be managed and the lower its costs will be.”

Marketos added: “In most mines, the EHS function operates in isolation from production. Our combined offering integrates EHS activities into production. For example, you can schedule safety inspections automatically on the back of production data that feeds directly into IsoMetrix. The MineRP Short Interval Control solutions will ensure all daily tasks across EHS and production activities are scheduled and monitored.”

Focusing on resource-based economies, both companies have offices in the Americas and Australia.