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Worldsensing improves monitoring solution analysis with VDV tie-up

Worldsensing and Vista Data Vision, a leading software company in the field of monitoring, publishing and managing sensor data, have announced a plan to collaborate.

While the VDV software is used across six continents by professionals that rely on data intelligence for their instrumentation data, VDV customers already use Loadsensing by Worldsensing in diverse projects across the mining, tunnelling, and construction industries, according to Worldsensing.

Loadsensing, a wireless monitoring system, enables real-time data acquisition of geotechnical and structural sensors, eliminating the need for manual readings and often costly cabling to contribute to significant long-term savings for end users. The systems can be used for monitoring surface areas, tailings dams, leach pads and slope stability, as well as in deep excavations without line of sight.

Last month, Worldsensing joined the Brazilian Mining Association as it looked to extend the use of its remote, real-time data collection, monitoring and management systems to ensure greater safety and efficiency in mining operations in the country.

Vista Data Vision and Worldsensing will cooperate to offer a seamless integration of hardware and software to speed up and improve the ease of setting up new monitoring instruments, they said.

“VDV allows our customers to easily analyse and visualise the information our monitoring solution provides,” Bernat Trias, Director of Products at Worldsensing, says. “It’s a perfect match and we are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration and being able to add even more value to our customers’ projects.”

Thorarinn Andresson, CEO of Vista Data Vision, said this partnership offers great potential for its customers.

“With a powerful API integration in VDV for Loadsensing products, customers will be able to add new data streams in minutes,” he said. “We look forward to a continued partnership and many more successful projects.”