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Queensland METS companies receive government funding

The Australian Government has poured more cash into mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies, this time choosing four firms in Queensland looking to solve challenges.

The funds, issued by METS Ignited, form part of the Bowen Basin Cluster Programme, a joint initiative with the Queensland Government that brings together METS companies in the region with complementary areas of expertise.

The recipients for the pilot programme are MyneSight, Active Adrenalin, Split Spaces, and Macdonald Cordell/Aurecon. Each of these has been awarded initial funding from METS Ignited, matched by industry partners, bringing the total programme value to almost $1.5 million.

“The projects funded by the initiative will help develop solutions for conveyor belt spillage and its associated issues; access to the costly practice of rapid prototyping; training for new underground mining operators; and health and safety improvements – collectively delivering increased value to Australia’s mining operations,” METS Ignited said.

The second phase of the programme, funded by the Queensland Government, will see the appointment of a cluster development manager, who will provide long-term support for facilitation and growth of the Bowen Basin businesses throughout the lifetime of their projects.

MyneSight, so far, has the biggest project value at A$785,000. It is looking to develop and establish a combined training and research simulated underground mine in Mackay (pictured here: Senator Michaelia Cash in the simulated underground mine). This will be a pilot for the future Australian Training and Research Underground Mining Simulator.

Active Adrenalin comes next with A$312,400 of funding. It and Nutricula Psychology have collaborated to establish a scientific and innovative approach to worker wellness in the resource sector.

Both Macdonald Cordell/Aurecon and Split Spaces have banked A$200,000 each. The former is a “pathway for commercialisation of a spray-on product for conveyor belts that reduces carry-back”, while the latter is “making rapid prototyping of mining and engineering solutions more accessible, by reducing cost through collaboration in the Bowen Basin region”.

The Australian METS sector generates A$86 billion in gross value add to the national economy and supports 500,000 jobs. In Queensland, the sector is worth an annual A$7 billion to the economy and could provide up to 3,000 jobs over the next decade, according to METS Ignited.

Earlier this month, eight other METS firms were awarded cash for their own projects.