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RMI Pressure Systems selecting winning pump formula at US longwall coal mines

RMI Pressure Systems says it is making a name for itself in the US mining market, having supplied reciprocal pump solutions to leading players in the sector.

This includes pump systems for underground longwall mines and for industrial press applications in the aluminium segment, according to Gary Punton, RMI’s General Manager in the US.

At Warrior Met Coal’s Blue Creek longwall mine near Brookwood, Alabama, RMI is providing its hydraulic power solution for the actuation of self-advancing roof supports. “The design is based on our popular five-plunger Quinmax S500 high-pressure reciprocating pump (pictured),” Punton said. “The manufacture, assembly and testing of two pump systems is planned for completion by end of the fourth (December) quarter of 2024.”

At another of Warrior Met Coal’s operations – Mine 7 East – RMI is supplying new pumps as part of an overhaul and upgrade program for the miner’s ageing S500 units, which were first installed as early as 2011.

“We will be installing new S500 pumps on the pump systems serving the mine’s longwall equipment,” he said. “This is a testament to the longevity and reliability of our equipment, which is well referenced in the mining sector.”

In another recent contract, this time in the industrial space, RMI will be providing an additional S500 pump assembly for a press system at Arconic’s Lafayette facility in Louisiana.

“We assembled and tested this S500 pump system in our Jasper facility in Alabama, and shipped it to the customer early this year for commissioning during the third quarter of the year,” Punton said.

He highlighted that the Quinmax S500 pump at Arconic – fitted with 650 hp (485 kW) motors – provides a safe and reliable supply of high-pressure water-based fluids for both mining and heavy industrial applications. With its compact horizontal five-plunger design, this innovative pump facilitates increased crank speeds and loading.

“We use finite element analysis to validate our pumps’ performance and reliability, as well as computational fluid dynamics to maximise the efficiency of wetted components,” he explained.

Komatsu, Becker-Warkop, Hydrotech longwall PRSs go to work at Alabama coal mine

Under a cooperative agreement between Komatsu, Becker-Warkop and Hydrotech, 385 new longwall powered roof supports have been delivered to a US longwall coal producer in Alabama. The first face began operation in July and the second face is undergoing installation.

While Komatsu has provided powered roof supports to this producer in the past, this is the first solution supplied in collaboration with Becker-Warkop and Hydrotech.

The new Joy-designed supports also include Joy’s Faceboss RS20s roof support controls. The longwalls enter operation at mines which have seam heights of 45 in (1.14 m) and 53 in (1.35 m), respectively, and the 1,700-mm (67-in) wide supports feature a maximum operating height of 2.95 m and have 380 mm bore legs.

Other longwall equipment at this mine was supplied by Komatsu including three Joy 7LS1D shearers and three armoured face conveyors, including the first US-sourced Joy panline.