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Minera Carola bolsters mining fleet with six Sandvik Toro TH663i trucks

Minera Carola in Chile has agreed to purchase six Toro™ TH663i dump trucks to add to its fleet for its mining operations in the Atacama Region.

This will be part of a total of nine pieces of Sandvik equipment the company is purchasing for its production process.

“For us, the reliability and support that Sandvik gives us is key to our future operations,” Minera Carola said.

Minera Carola is dedicated to the extraction of minerals and production of copper, gold and silver concentrates, with the mineral extracted from the Carola mine and subsequently processed at the Cerrillos plant, where the concentrate is produced, which is then processed at ENAMI’s Hernán Videla Lira smelter.

The TH663i truck’s low weight, 63-tonne payload capacity and high ramp speeds enhance ore transportation efficiency, according to Sandvik, with the reduced weight improving productivity, lowering fuel consumption, minimising tyre wear and reducing overall operating costs.

The truck features a Stage II/Tier 2 engine, offering long engine life time, low fuel consumption and low cost of ownership, the OEM says. When ultra-low sulphur fuel is available, Sandvik offers a Stage V engine as option. Both engines can use EN 15940-compliant renewable paraffinic diesel fuels, reducing exhaust emissions.

It also incorporates cutting-edge technology that enables real-time monitoring, remote operation and data-driven insights. This translates to better decision-making and improved operational efficiency, Sandvik says. With reduced emissions, efficient energy consumption and environmentally conscious design, it also aligns with the industry’s evolving sustainability goals.