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DOK-ING Extra Low Profile Dozer set for trial in Western Australia

Mine Tech Australia says it has recently completed DOK-ING XLP system testing and operator awareness training in the lead up to mobilising the unit for an underground mine site trial in Western Australia.

The DOK-ING’s remote-controlled Extra Low Profile Dozer (XLPD) has been designed to perform in a wide range of applications having numerous attachments such as bucket, ejector bucket, dozer blade, brush and gripper tools.

“Independent of its size, DOK-ING mining equipment is known for its exceptional performance, excellent reliability, simple operation, operator comfort and easy serviceability,” Mine Tech Australia said.

DOK-ING has built up this reputation from many deployments in South Africa. This year, electric DOK-ING Narrow Reef Equipment is expected to be phased in at the Anglo American Platinum-owned Tumela underground mine in Limpopo province.

The DOKING mining product line includes two different platform models, powered by diesel engines or electric motors, with five different tool attachments. The use of the equipment is geared towards creating safe mining conditions, with the platform being utilised for the safe cleaning of production panels – pushing the ore into the advance strike gulley where the ore is collected and transported to the conveyor system – and sweeping and vamping activities resulting in manual stope-cleaning labour being largely eliminated, according to Mine Tech Australia.

The XLP platform is controlled by a single operator using a simple handheld radio remote control unit, the company added.

“The XLP platform design can withstand the most severe underground working conditions,” Mine Tech Australia said. “It has the ability to work in high temperatures and conforms to the required safety systems to protect the operator and personnel in the vicinity of the operation.

“The XLP platform has the ability to work in gradients of up to 30° and at mine heights from 1.2-1.6 m, which makes it suitable for mining a large proportion of reef types in various mining industries (platinum, gold, diamonds, etc.). Miners work far below the earth’s surface and have little time and less space to deal with unscheduled breakdowns.”