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RCT takes Control of chutes at Indonesia mine

RCT says it has finalised the last stage of a project to automate 24 underground mine chutes for a client in West Papua, Indonesia.

Recently, RCT implemented ControlMaster® Teleremote technology onto 14 chutes to be managed by operators from four ControlMaster Automation Centres in a surface control room.

The latest work follows on from stage one works completed earlier this year where Teleremote technology was commissioned on 10 chutes connected to three Automation Centres.

All seven Automation Centres are equipped with Multiple Machine Selection enabling an operator to control any single chute system from their respective station, according to the automation specialist.

“The operators will now be able to observe chute operations through strategically placed cameras and remotely open and close the throat of each chute to pass ore and other material between different production levels for trucking to the surface,” the company said.

The individual camera feeds can be manipulated and adjusted via intuitive mouse control options at each Automation Centre. Previously operators were situated at the throat of each chute and manually operated each chute via their own line of sight.

RCT Account Manager, Shane Smith, said: “Previously chute operators contended with heat, dust, exhaust fumes and potential wet muck situations, which represent a substantial safety risk.

“Now they can more effectively manage the chutes from the safety and comfort of a surface control room which is far more preferable for everyone involved.”

The convenient location of the control room will also significantly reduce shift changeover time, as personnel can easily access the central control room rather than travel to each individual chute chamber, according to Smith.

RCT will provide on site training for site operators, while locally based technicians will deliver ongoing technical servicing and support to the site, the company said.