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Ampcontrol highlights latest DC Electrical Vehicle Charger at IMARC

Ampcontrol used the backdrop of this week’s International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Sydney, New South Wales, to showcase its electrification solutions, including the launch of a mine specification DC Electric Vehicle Charger.

Recognising there is a growing demand for low emissions technology, Ampcontrol says it is collaborating with industry leaders to develop and deliver innovative solutions to mining customers that support a net-zero carbon environment.

The various DC chargers and DRIFTEX, Ampcontrol’s mine site personnel carrier Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), are evidence of the company’s future and vision for the industry, it says. These solutions work together to support emission reductions and increase personnel safety by removing diesel particulate matter and reducing noise underground.

With a focus on decarbonisation and enabling net zero emissions, Ampcontrol recently joined the Electric Mine Consortium (EMC), established to drive real-world solutions of decarbonisation in the mining industry.

On top of this charger, Ampcontrol’s off-grid and stand-alone power systems (SPS) provide a self-sufficient, continuous and reliable power supply to isolated consumption sources, using an array of technology including solar PV panels, inverters and battery storage, the company explained.

Taking the next step with its SPS technology, Ampcontrol is adapting the award-winning Solar Qube SPS into a Green Hydrogen SPS system, a first of its kind in Australia.

These electrification and energy solutions, along with H3RO Ampcontrol’s harsh environment reticulated optics solution, developed in collaboration with HUBER+SUHNER, were showcased by Ampcontrol at IMARC.