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DEUTZ and Talpa develop FUSIONHub software platform for enhanced data visibility and use

DEUTZ says it is expanding its digital services portfolio with the help of Talpa Solutions, a leading IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), analytics and intelligence solution provider for heavy industry.

The engine company has been cooperating with the company to come up with its FUSIONHub software, a platform that can analyse engine data as well as the entire application, from tyres to each of the machine’s add-on components.

According to DEUTZ, users will benefit in many ways, gaining access to the maintenance schedules of the engines they are using and seeing how long their machines have been in operation. Highly detailed control system data helps to minimise machine and component downtime while increasing productivity, it added. The data also helps to improve business performance, optimise costs and minimise operating risk.

FUSIONHub works with companies in the heavy industry sector to use data that would otherwise be lost. The software has two key benefits: first, fleet operators can deploy their machines more efficiently. Second, because FUSIONHub allows OEMs and dealers to develop new service offerings, such as sophisticated diagnostics and repair solutions, companies are able to boost service life across their machines’ entire lifecycle.

Machine owners also benefit from solutions such as performance monitoring, which reminds them about maintenance cycles and provides prompts to optimise processes and machines.