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Peabody re-enters North Goonyella coal mine in Queensland

Peabody says it has commenced re-entry of Zone 1 of the North Goonyella coal mine, in Queensland, Australia, in consultation with the regional mine inspectorate.

These activities are part of a comprehensive, phased re-ventilation and safe re-entry plan for the mine, which has been shut since early September when high gas levels were identified. Following this discovery, a fire broke out later that month.

Peabody Australia President, George J Schuller Jr, said: “Following the re-ventilation of Zone 1 of the mine, our team is ready to return underground and move us yet one step closer to resuming normal operations. We appreciate the dedication and participation of our trained employees, as well as the Queensland Mine Rescue Service, as we continue to advance this process.”

The first zone of the mine represents around 25% of the area to be re-entered, and the area expected to be least affected by the incident.

The company said: “Upon re-entering Zone 1, Peabody will assess conditions underground and make any necessary repairs required prior to reventilating Zone 2.”

Peabody makes plans to restart longwall coal production at North Goonyella

Peabody says it is proceeding with the ventilation of the first segment of the North Goonyella coal mine in consultation with the Queensland Mine Inspectorate.

This is part of a comprehensive phased reventilation and re-entry plan, with longwall production expected in 2020, Peabody said.

“This marks an important first step in the next phase of activities aimed at resuming normal operations at North Goonyella,” Glenn Kellow, Peabody President and Chief Executive Officer, said. “As we move forward in the process, we appreciate the ongoing support of our many stakeholders including our employees, the union, customers, the inspectorate, neighbouring mines, the community of Moranbah and countless others.”

North Goonyella has been shut since early September when high gas levels were identified. A fire subsequently broke out at the mine later that month.

Peabody starts up new longwall at North Goonyella coal mine

Peabody Energy’s newest longwall at the North Goonyella mine in Queensland, Australia, has started up and will soon benefit from automated steering and the requirement for less maintenance, according to Peabody’s Australia President George Schuller.

The North Goonyella South project will extend the mine’s life to at least 2026, mining around 71 million short tons of high quality coking coal. The longwall installation is expected to be completed this quarter.

To support the mine’s extension, Peabody has invested in a new longwall system from Caterpillar that includes roof supports and a face conveyor for a 300-m face, shearer and beam stage loader.

The system features automated shearer steering and face alignment, reduced exposure of operators to dust, and less maintenance, according to Cat. Full delivery of the system is expected in the June quarter of next year.

Schuller said: “Not only does that (automation) improve safety for our operators, it enables faster haulage speeds of our high-quality reserves.”

The Cat EL3000 shearer for North Goonyella will be equipped with the proven Cat PMC™ Evo-S control system, intelligent software modules and advanced measuring technology. The automation package enables the shearer to be operated by a single operator using remote control. This package includes automation logic to minimise overload situations and diagnostic tools to maximise uptime.

Cat’s current longwall at North Goonyella was instrumental in achieving record production from the mine in 2017.