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MAXAM bolsters Australia blasting solution capabilities with new WA sites

MAXAM says it has reinforced its commitment to the Australia blasting market with the opening of two manufacturing sites at McLarty Reserve in Western Australia.

Strategically located 120 km south of Perth, both sites have been relocated from the former Baldivis reserve and “solidifies MAXAM’s commitment to produce high-quality blasting solutions for its key customers across Australia and the South Pacific region”, the company said.

In these sites, the company manufactures RIOFLEX, its high energy bulk explosive, and its RIONEL non-electronic detonators. It is the sole blasting solutions provider in the country to manufacture both products in Western Australia, according to MAXAM.

The company said: “MAXAM took the opportunity to transfer both facilities and develop state-of-the-art sites at their new location, with both automatic and manual production lines. In order to support mining sector growth in Australia, MAXAM designed new highly adaptable RIOFLEX and RIONEL plants with inbuilt capabilities to increase volumes by more than three times, reaching its maximum technical capacities.”

Michael Briggs, MAXAM Australia General Manager, said products such as RIOFLEX, “the most versatile and energetic bulk technology in the market”, allow the company to provide customised solutions to its customers. “In fact, working together with our clients is in our DNA, delivering sustainable value,” he said.

Ramón Paramio, MAXAM Terra Solutions General Manager, added: “We started our internationalisation in Australia back in 1987 and since then we have become a truly global player in the blasting solutions industry. We are proud to keep investing in this market, supporting our customers to make their operations more sustainable, productive and efficient.”