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Robit’s ‘built to last’ philosophy on show with newest products

Robit has launched two new products that, it says, have been designed to deal with the harshest mining conditions.

Its tubeless range of high-performance down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and the Robit Extreme Carbide are made for environments where wear and tear are a constant factor, the company says.

The new range of tubeless DTH WH TL hammers has been designed to eliminate the risk of foot valve breakages and the resulting operational downtime, according to Robit. Not only has the foot valve been removed to enhance reliability, but the design of the hammers has been further revamped to bring maximal usability in a minimal footprint, making them ideal for both blasthole and energy well drilling applications, Robit said.

The integrated choke system allows for airflow adjustments to suit the compressor and improve flushing, Robit says. The hammers’ inner liner allows optimal airflow and provides improved performance in wet conditions. The piston, itself, has been redesigned for improved strength and optimal performance. The hammers are suitable for ground conditions with high volumes of water or in soft unconsolidated ground, according to the company.

The Dual Property Extreme Carbide, meanwhile, is built to last.

Customer trials conducted in North America showed bit life improvements of over 50% when drilling in highly abrasive ground conditions, making it the ideal choice for blasthole and well drilling applications, Robit claims.

The Dual Property Extreme Carbide has a wear-resistant outer layer that uses the Robit Extreme grade #4 carbide. This is specifically formulated for highly abrasive ground conditions, staying sharper for longer while increasing productivity and reducing the number of necessary regrind processes. Furthermore, the Robit Extreme Carbide has been developed to reduce the overall CO2 impact of drilling and to improve the sustainability of Robit products, the company says.

Under the outer layer of wear-resistant Robit Extreme Carbide, the inner core is made of standard grade #1 carbide. This makes it strong and durable against fracturing, all the while guaranteeing the DTH bit performs at the same high level as Robit standard quality carbides are renowned for once the outer layer has eventually worn away. And for customers that do not re-grind drill bits, preferring to “drill-to-destruction” or “run-to-life”, the Robit Extreme carbide has shown to be even more advantageous, Robit says.

The recently-released Robit Rbit button bit series is also showcasing the company’s sustainability credentials. Made of 100% recyclable steel and finalised with eco-friendly water-based paint, the Rbit is designed to achieve the fastest rates of penetration and lowest cost-per-metre drilling in the company’s range.

All these products will be presented at the company’s MINExpo 2021 booth in Las Vegas, September 13-15.

Robit incorporates sustainability and productivity into new drill bit design

Robit says it has taken up the challenge of making its drill bits even better, introducing a new button bit series manufactured with recycled steel.

The new Robit Superior Rbit™ Button Bit Series achieve faster rates of penetration and the lowest cost-per-metre, according to the company.

In line with Robit’s sustainable manufacturing process, the Rbit is manufactured on fully automated production lines and finished with “eco-friendly” water-based paint, the company says.

The Rbit features:

  • An optimised button layout configuration on the Flat Face model to ensure maximum rock contact and energy transmission;
  • A new transition face developed in both the Flat Face and Drop Center models to improve the transfer of percussive energy into the rock;
  • Enhanced flushing design now available in the Flat Face and Drop Center models, delivering an even faster rate of penetration.
  • Redesigned wider retrac grooves to allow more space, delivering a better flow for the cuttings; and
  • Heavy duty models available in both the Flat Face and Drop Center models.
The Flat Face (left) and Drop Center (right) versions

“All of our new high quality Rbit drill bits have been designed with state-of-the-art computer fluid dynamics simulation,” the company says. “Moreover, field tests globally have demonstrated clear evidence of a superior drilling performance which our technical simulation had already guaranteed.”

Robit says its partner drillers were happy with the performance and noted better flushing and longer grinding intervals with the new Rbit drill bits.

“Robit products are developed in the challenging rock conditions of Scandinavia and have a proven record globally,” the company says. “With Robit’s new Rbit, we have found yet another way to deliver excellence to our customers worldwide.”