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AECI aims for top three integrated mining explosives and chemicals solutions provider status by 2030

Ahead of AECI’s 100th anniversary, the South Africa-based company has announced that it aims to double the profitability of its core mining and chemicals business by 2026 and to become a global top three integrated mining explosives and chemicals solutions provider by 2030.

These ambitions were laid out at a recent Capital Market Day, where AECI Chief Executive, Holger Riemensperger, announced the company’s revised strategy, which aims to extract value from its underlying operations.

Riemensperger said: “AECI is more than a business. It is a South African institution. At our core, we enable safe mining operations. While some synergies exist across our diversified industrial group, other business units within the portfolio have no synergies. Those underperforming units will be better served under different ownership. The changes we are making take into consideration several factors, including the external environment. They are aimed at ensuring that as AECI reaches its centennial anniversary in 2024, it is better positioned to navigate the changing environment and positioned for strong growth in the future.”

AECI’s strategic update follows a comprehensive review of the business’ operations in which the board and management identified the business units that are central to the sustainable and profitable growth of AECI, the company said. The strategy is premised on building on the group’s solid foundation and ensuring that it is structured in a manner that enables it to unlock value in the near term.

A core driving force of the strategy is to deliver operational and executional excellence through focusing on AECI’s core businesses and existing strengths while ensuring a disciplined approach to capital allocation and execution.

The AECI of the future, the company says, will see the group focus on its core mining and chemicals capability and divest out of non-core businesses.

AECI Mining will remain the group’s main growth focus. The business will look towards growth in Asia-Pacific, South America and North America as it drives its ambition to be top three on a global scale by 2030. AECI Chemicals will be re-organised and repositioned to enhance its cash generation capabilities through prioritising high-margin products and services and ultimately support the growth of AECI’s Mining division. The remaining businesses – Much Asphalt, Animal Health, Schrim, Sans Fibers and Beverage – which are not core to the identified growth levers will be exited out of in an orderly manner and over a period of time, the company said.

The group management structure has also been adjusted to reflect the changes in the business and to drive empowerment, accountability and quick decision making.

Riemensperger concluded: “At AECI, we stand together with a shared vision of a better world. We recognise that to secure our place for the next 100 years, we must embrace change, progress our strategy to seize new opportunities, and navigate market shifts with agility and profitability. I believe that the changes that we are making will be net positive for the business and the unwavering focus on operational and functional excellence will act as a catalyst for further innovation and profitable growth, and will unlock value for all of AECI’s stakeholders.”

Chemwatch ready to revolutionise chemical management in mining

Chemwatch says it has been quietly revolutionising the way the mining sector approaches chemical management, with the company ready to showcase this at the 2023 International Mining and Resource Conference (IMARC) in Sydney later this year.

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Chemwatch says it has consistently been at the forefront of the chemical management landscape. The company’s suite of software solutions, it says, empowers businesses to effectively oversee, analyse and govern chemical usage, ensuring the safety of workers and the environment alike. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and an extensive repository of safety data sheets (SDSs), Chemwatch is instrumental in enabling mining corporations to make well-informed decisions pertaining to chemical handling, storage and utilisation, it says.

At IMARC 2023, Chemwatch will unveil its latest advancements and solutions designed specifically for the mining sector. Its software, which provides access to an extensive database of SDSs, is designed to make compliance with global regulations and best practices more manageable.

Key highlights of the Chemwatch’s exhibiton include:

  • Chemical management software: Chemwatch’s flagship software is the centerpiece of its offerings. It provides an integrated approach to chemical management, allowing mining companies to centralise their chemical data, assess risks and ensure compliance with global regulations. But it’s more than just a tool; it’s a solution that empowers companies to make informed decisions about chemical usage, storage, and handling. Live demonstrations will elucidate the software’s user-friendly interface and its sophisticated capabilities;
  • Mobile solutions for real-time insights: In the fast-paced world of mining, decisions often need to be made on the spot. Chemwatch’s mobile applications give workers the power to access critical chemical information in real time. It’s about enhancing safety and efficiency where it matters most: in the field;
  • Navigating the cxomplex regulatory landscape: The representatives from Chemwatch will engage attendees in insightful discussions on the ever-evolving tapestry of chemical regulations. The focal point will be how the company’s solutions offer a seamless conduit through the complex web of compliance requisites;
  • Tailored solutions and seamless integration: The brilliance of Chemwatch’s solutions lies in their adaptability to the unique requirements of each mining operation. Visitors will gain insights into how these solutions can be tailored to fit diverse contexts and seamlessly integrated with existing systems;
  • Networking opportunities: Beyond the technology, IMARC provides an invaluable opportunity for industry professionals to connect and collaborate. Chemwatch’s booth will serve as a hub for like-minded individuals to share insights and build relationships. It’s about fostering a community committed to safe and compliant mining practices.

Claude Neri, Chief Operating Officer at Chemwatch, said: “Chemwatch is excited to be a part of IMARC 2023. Our participation underscores our commitment to driving positive change in the mining industry. We believe that by providing innovative solutions for chemical management, we can contribute to safer, more sustainable mining practices.”

Nordchem bolts Soltimum and Soltiflot onto mining chemicals offering

Nordchem, a Canada-based mining chemical company, has announced the acquisition of the product lines Soltimum and Soltiflot, a specialty line of industrial chemical additives.

As one of its goals is to offer a complete set of chemical solutions to meet customers’ industrial challenges, this acquisition will strengthen Nordchem’s solutions portfolio offering in the marketplace, it said.

Just some of the solutions Nordchem offers the mining industry include flotation collectors, explosive emulsifiers, haul road dust control products, coal transport dust control products and fertiliser plant additives.

SciDev chemistry receives the thumbs up from Phoenix Process Equipment

SciDev Limited says it has received a large commercial order from Phoenix Process Equipment to use its chemistry in the US-based company’s mineral processing and oil & gas processes.

SciDev chemistry, manufactured by Nuoer, has been qualified by Phoenix for the use in these processes under a heads of agreement (HoA) signed between the parties in August 2019.

Phoenix is a private company based in Kentucky, USA and is focused on the design, fabrication and production of efficient and reliable technology for tailings dewatering, liquid solid separation and slurry and sludge separation, SciDev said.

It provides mining and mineral processing technology to mineral process circuits for the classification, separation and dewatering of minerals and water recycling and dewatering technologies for waste management.

The new order from Phoenix is for around $1.4 million of product, representing some three months of stock under the HoA.

The chemistry will be manufactured by SciDev’s partner, Nuoer China, with product expected to be onsite with Phoenix in March 2020.

SciDev Managing Director and CEO, Lewis Utting, said: “As we continue partnering with strong, reliable counterparties like Phoenix, opportunities will continue to emerge that are value accretive to all parties.

“The order demonstrates the growing opportunity for SciDev products and professional services in the large North American market.”